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Monday, October 02, 2017

Roland boutique SH-01A, SE-02, TR-08 vs Modular synth

Published on Oct 2, 2017 ollilaboratories

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Since I have the SE-02, SH-01a and TR-08 inb the studio I just wanted to test how they interact with my modular, I was especially curious about the SH-01A which has CV/Gate outputs.

Brief sync setup patch notes:

Master clock is the TR-08, it sends MIDI out to the intellijel rack, and passes clock into the modular. Also on MIDI trhu from the modular case i have clock being sent on to the SE-02 which is set to slave/ext midi mode.

The SH-01a is sequencing the MI braids over its CV gate outputs, while taking an external MIDI clock from the intellijel uMIDI 1U interface. So it plays both its own meldody, plus the MI braids one (which is internally modulated to only play random notes from the original sequence).

Also the Qu-bit electronics octone gets it clock from theTR_08 via the uMIDI interface, and that sequences the MI rings which also is modulated by some LFOs in the rack.

All in all, they seem to interface pretty well.. and this could be a super cool live rig for those minimal sounds.

My current eurorack for reference:

I hope you will enjoy it!

BoOoM! / BuRG"

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