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Saturday, October 07, 2017

SYNTHI 100 : Yoshio Machida + Constantin Papageorgiadis

Published on Dec 5, 2015 amorfon

The album will be released in Oct, 2017.


Yoshio Machida

Constantin Papageorgiadis (a.k.a. Trap & Zoid)

2015年11月にベルギーのゲント大学機関:IPEM(Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music)で、町田良夫とConstantin Papageorgiadis (BE)が大学所有のEMS SYNTHI 100を使ってレコーディングを行いました。この映像は、アウトボードを使わずSYNTHI 100のみで演奏したものです。ほとんど動かない状態だったこのSYNTHI 100をTrap & Zoid自ら数週間かけて修理し動くようにしました。

Yoshio Machida + Constantin Papageorgiadis had recording using SYNTHI 100 in November 2015 at IPEM(Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music), Gent University.
Performed with only SYNTHI 100, without any outboards and effects. This SYNTHI 100 was also broken, but Trap & Zoid repaired and re-tuned."

Spotted this one on Not sure where to get the CD though. Not finding it at the links above or on However there is one for the SYNTHI AKS here.

And via

"The machine that refuses to age

The SYNTHI AKS is a legendary machine. Manufactured by Electronic Music Studios in 1971, this portable modular synthesizer was extremely flexible. Not a keyboard synth like what Moog was doing at the time, this was a generative music machine with a matrix patch panel. Think Max/MSP in analog terms. Except that being analog, it wasn't entirely stable and, thus, had an organic quality that is still valued today.

Music from the SYNTHI is a new endeavour for Yoshio Machida, a consistently surprising sound and visual artist who, among other feats, has released an acclaimed series of sound collage albums (Hypernatural), albums of improvisations on steelpan drums, and records with the bands miimo and Ohanami. This new solo album arrives almost four years after his previous one The Spirit of Beauty (a slow-evolving piece combining instruments, field recordings and electronics), and six years after his Baskaru debut Hypernatural #3.

Music from the SYNTHI consists in 13 pieces. Most of them are quirky and playful. "SYNTHI n° 30" has a longing quality you would never expect from a synthesizer. And all of them are 100% SYNTHI. "I simply recorded the repeating patterns and mixed 3 to 5 patterns per piece, without any editing or effects," explains Machida. I wanted to record rich obscure improvisations as performed by the SYNTHI. Every modulation, reverb, effect like delay, and glitch sound is produced inside the SYNTHI."

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