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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Eurorack Improv no 4 Gently does it. Ambient polyrhythms

Published on Nov 9, 2017 Richard Lacy

"More ambient stuff from the rack...
One pass and no overdubs. Patch notes below.

Doepfer Dark Time Seq is the master. Clock is being sent to various sequencers and the 4MS RCD, which in turn is running other sequencers in different timings.

1. The soft-sounding patterns from the outset are similar to thing I did on an earlier video: A149-1 RCV and A149-2 are randomly (clocked random) firing six AS AD envelope generators. These are controlling the levels of the six bands of the 4MS SMR. The bands are from multiple scales and are locked. Audio out goes via the Dave Smith Character for some extra fatty crust. Using the EGs allows me to hold some notes and not others, creating patterns or pads depending on the settings.
2. Bass: AS SQ8 sequencer into the Atlantis pitch CV. The gate comes from the div3 output of the 4MS RCD, so the notes are changing independently of the gates.
3. The Rings sound: Metropolis into Rings pitch CV. TipTop One is playing a metallic sound every four beats. this audio goes into the input of Rings. Rings audio out goes to Clouds for a bit of reverb and delay. Then it goes through the AQA Dual SVS for filtering.
4. Shapeshifter open fifth pattern: We're in chord mode with a bit of modulation, making for a choppy, guitar sort of sound. Audio goes to the Rainmaker for delay.
5. Synth arpeggio: Stepper Acid into two A110-1 Oscs. Filtered through an AS Telemark filter with an envelope on the cut off. Output goes to the 4MS DLD, then to the Z-DSP for a big reverb.
6. Snare Drum: Braids into an AS Telemark filter.
7. Bass Drum: it's an Electribe, just out of shot, under the camera. It can take a gate input for clock, so happy days; I can alter the bass drum pattern easily.
8. Korg MS20: out of shot, playing one note with lots of filter and volume modulation.
9. Korg MS10: out of shot, playing two notes from an AS SQ8

My previous videos were recorded straight to stereo, but this one went multitrack into ProTools. Mainly so I could delay and reverb on the MS parts! No overdubs though.
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