MATRIXSYNTH: Music Thing Modular’s Spring Reverb MK2 and Some Reverb History

Monday, November 13, 2017

Music Thing Modular’s Spring Reverb MK2 and Some Reverb History

As you know, Music Thing introduced the Mk2 version of their Spring Reverb module and DIY kit, currently available at Thonk.

Music Thing has a great post up featuring some history on the spring reverb and what went into theirs.

"Spring reverb is a strange, unpredictable thing. It’s a real electromechanical effect; boingy metal springs being jiggled by a little coil, with the jiggling captured by another coil at the far end. Compared with smooth, reliable software, it can sometimes be frustrating and fiddly to use, but nothing else sounds the same.

In 1935, Laurens Hammond was developing and selling his Hammond Organ. He’d brought the church organ into the living room, but found they sounded a bit underwhelming without the reverberation of the hall. He discovered that Bell Labs had created an artificial delay device to simulate long-distance calls, using wire and springs. He re-purposed and tweaked the technology to create the first artificial reverberation unit. At first, they were huge."

Read the full post here.

Left: A pic of the Hammond FR-40 Tone Cabinet from, showing the original spring reverb from Hammond.

"The FR-40 was the successor to the B-40. The cabinet was re-proportioned to allow the installation of a reverberation unit making the F-40. The 'R' denotes that this one has reverb installed."

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