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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Percussa SSP Update: PCB Layout Complete and Next Steps

An update via Percussa's SSP Kickstarter campaign:

"Hi All,

Since the last update I wrote on the PCB Layout, I've been working non stop (7 days a week!) on finalizing the layout and getting it ready for production.

A lot of time was spent on cleaning up the traces on the PCB, optimizing the placement of components, adjusting polygons, length matching traces, fixing small details in footprints, and then of course going through a really long list of design rule errors and fixing them.

In particular the length matching of the multiple data busses on the PCB took a long time, as I had to find physical space on the PCB for all the matching (non trivial if there are already a lot of traces).

Final PCB Layout of the SSP (3 layers shown)

I also had to create a new CAM Job to export gerber files for this 6 layer design, and I had to import the final design into my 3D modeling software as well to do one last check on the placement of all the mechanical components.

Top layer BGA closeup

Finally I exported the gerber files and did a quick review to make sure they look good and sent them off for quotation and technical review to a few PCB manufacturers and the assembly house we work with.

Bottom Layer BGA closeup

So what's next? :-) I will be working on finalizing the BOM and fine tuning component values this coming week, while we wait for PCBs to arrive. I'll also be putting together a component kit for our assembly house who is going to do the SMT assembly for the boards. We'll initially be doing a small run, maybe 10 boards, and then start testing and debugging them. We'll keep you posted about our progress as always.

Now it's time to get some sleep! Until next week,

Bert & Celine"

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