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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Percussa Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module PCBs Arrive

via the Percussa Kickstarter:

"Hi everyone!

Exciting news - today we received the PCBs for the SSP. They arrived about an hour ago and I immediately checked the quality of the top and bottom side, paying attention to small details such as whether the vias are nicely drilled in the center of pads, whether copper has 'leaked' over other copper potentially causing a short, and of course whether the through-hole components of the PCB sit nicely in the holes of the footprints or not. One other important detail I wanted to check is whether I could reach the display connector on the PCB with the display flatcable, which needs to be fed through a rectangular slot in the PCB. I had already checked that a million times before I sent off the files for production, in my 3D modeling software, and I had also checked it with a paper print-out of the PCB layout, but it's always good to actually check it in reality when you get the PCBs back.

I'm happy to report that everything is looking good (at least with the naked eye). Tomorrow I'll be doing a final check using my microscope, and then I'll be kitting the parts and a couple of PCBs, and sending that off to our subcontractor so we can get a few prototypes built for testing. As always I'll keep you posted about the latest news. Thanks again for backing!


Pictured in order:

"Inspecting PCB quality"

"Checking display FPC length with location of display connector"

"Inserting through hole components and checking footprints"

"Checking placement of rotary encoders and aluminium knobs"

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