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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Folktek Mescaline Honeymoon patches

Published on Dec 30, 2017 While We Were Sleeping

"A selection of patches of my new Folktek Mescaline. Mainly recorded on our first weekend together.

The patches are:
0:00 - Intro - Sound and visuals not related - sound is: Channel sequenced by Motion
00:22 - 1 - Sweet Highs - Mescaline Channel high notes inc Polyphony
00:56 - 2 - Mescaline after Setup - Channel after/while tuning and calibration (Mescaline does sound badly out of the box but tuning it is part of it's charm)
01:25 - 3 - Tuning Mental - More like messing about with Mescaline Mental. Motion is sequencing Mental while I play with the trimmers on the back.
01:50 - 4 - Sequenced LFO - Using Motion CV Sequencer to change the rate of Motion's LFO.
02:09 - 5 - Broken Beats - all 3 Channel, Mental & Motion
02:23 - 6 - Thunder Touch - The Folktek Mescaline is a mysterious device.
02:38 - 7 - Dark - The Folktek Mescaline has some deep and dark tendencies just waiting for you to uncover.
03:00 - 8 - The march of the dead - The Folktek Mescaline does not only do dark, it can do creepy and disturbing to.
03:36 - 9 - Short Delay - A big part of the Folktek Mescaline sound is its reverb but the other effects are just as cool.
03:57 - 10 - Softly - Another Channel sequenced by Motion
04:12 - 11 - Out Of Darkness - long take - using the filter on Channel to crearte movement (FYI: the filter only works on the dsp effected sound)
05:51 - 12 - Slow Descent - long take - Another dark patch playing with the pitch, feedback and filter on Channel
07:35 - 13 - Drone - The filter on the Channel DSP reverb is mainly to cut the noise out with combination of lower feedback. But letting some noise through is fun in my opinion
08:17 - easter egg - Love this patch but had no visuals for it so left it hanging at the end. hope you got that far.

The Folktek Mescaline is a set of 3 eurorack modules with its own frame to mount them. it uses jumper cables as well as standard eurorack patch cables for connecting to your other eurorack gear. it was originally launched on indiegogo
The Mescaline modules are:

A 10 note polyphonic touch synthesizer with a sweet, warm sound and a huge custom designed reverb + 3 other dsp efects

Motion is made up A CV sequencer, A gate sequencer with opto-couplers an LFO and much much more.

An incredibly unique drum/drone synth Based on the root synthesis of other folktek devices.

The whole thing is designed for sound exploration and at list so far I am never sure if its me that is in control or Mescaline tweaking my brane.
The key is to let go of how you view a sensitisers and enjoy the Journey.

Patching up by While We Were Sleeping"

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