Tuesday, December 19, 2017


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"This Synth has come from a professional working studio of and typically with most Moog Source’s the membrane is and was the Achilles heel!

The membrane had only one faulty button(store) which was confirmed 100% with my tech by temporary substitute of a known good membrane.

This is where it gets a bit confusing so bear with us 😃

To store a program on the Source you press hold , press and hold down store and then press the required number you want to save to.

In this case the store button is stuck on inside the membrane. Luckily this means you just press hold and the number and it saves fine, it's actually better than the original way of doing it.

However, holding down store and adjusting OSC2 level accesses a hidden function misnamed autotune.

It isn't autotune at all but a sort of fine tune for osc2 largely I believe to allow for warm up pitch errors and monotonicity tolerance issues in the parameter wheel optics(don't ask!)

This means that when adjusting OSC2 level you just adjusted the pitch of OSC2 and had no control of the level. It took a while to work out why this was happening but of course if the store button is stuck on the synth thinks that when you press osc 2 level you are trying to adjust the "autotune".

The way my tech got round this issue was by routing the demux s/h output of the autotune back to the OSC2 level cv input. This works perfectly.

So everything works as normal but the store button is not used (replaced by hold as above) and you cannot access the autotune function.

All Sources take a very long time (up to an hour) to fully stabilise pitch and this one is the same.

It's usable well before this by adjusting the interval parameter slightly as the pitch error doesn't affect scaling. I think the so called autotune parameter was designed to offset this and this is the only minor disadvantage I can see with the mod described above. In any event you would have had to adjust the autotune parameter a few times but this would be global and not per patch.

Overall the Source works really well and sounds great! You can save and recall sounds and all parameters work fine."

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