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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Radical Frequencies Dual Precision Oscillator (LMS EE)

Published on Dec 20, 2017 Learning Modular


1.Radical Frequencies DPVCO 1/4: overview (LMS Eurorack Expansion Project)

The Radical Frequencies Dual Precision VCO features a pair of oscillator with excellent tracking (6 octaves is the claim) that go from slow LFOs up into very high frequencies. It offers both linear and exponential FM, pulse width modulation up into the audible range, and soft sync. The advantage of having two oscillators behind one panel is that it features a lot of intelligent normalization, as well as jacks with attenuators to plug in external signals. This first movie features a demo arpeggio showing off the major features, and then demonstrates each of its waveforms and major sections:

0:00 demo
2:51 specs & background
4:07 tuning range
5:13 pulse width modulation
5:58 square wave
7:06 sawtooth
7:45 triangle
8:35 sine
9:17 (repatching & retuning)
10:00 soft sync
11:06 preview of next two movies

For more details about using the Dual Precision VCO (as well as other modules I’ve made videos for), I encourage you to join the Learning Modular Patreon Tribe: For more on the Learning Modular Synthesis Eurorack Expansion Project for those exploring what module to add to their system next, visit

2. Radical Frequencies DPVCO 2/4: static FM (LMS Eurorack Expansion Project)
In this second movie on the Radical Frequencies Dual Precision VCO, I focus on dialing in frequency modulation using the front panel controls, without any external envelopes or VCAs. If you’d like a demo of the differences between linear and exponential FM – and what things like waveshape and offset mean to the resulting tuning – this movie is for you. Near the end, I also demonstrate pulse width modulation, including the great sound you get when you modulate it with an audio oscillator as well. Here is a breakdown of what’s covered when in this movie:

0:00 overview
0:46 triangle versus sine for carrier
1:04 entrainment
1:50 linear FM
6:49 exponential FM
12:11 pulse width modulation
13:18 combining techniques
13:51 cross-modulation

3. Radical Frequencies DPVCO 3/4: dynamic FM (LMS Eurorack Expansion Project)
In this third movie on the Radical Frequencies Dual Precision VCO, I focus on dynamic frequency modulation where I use an external envelope and VCA to dynamically change the FM depth for each note played. I compare linear versus exponential FM, showing where linear is good for tonal and sustained sounds while exponential is good at percussion as well as adding pluck or strike to the start of each note. Here is a breakdown of what’s covered when in this movie:

0:00 overview
0:38 the basic patch
1:20 dialing in enveloped linear FM
3:45 enveloping exponential FM
4:54 FM percussion sounds
5:47 adding an FM strike or pluck
7:49 layering techniques

4. Radical Frequencies DPVCO 4/4: soft sync (LMS Eurorack Expansion Project)
In this fourth and final movie on the Radical Frequencies Dual Precision VCO, I focus on its soft sync function. I explain how sync works, compare soft and hard sync, and play around with creating alternate timbres and glitchy enveloped sounds using soft sync. Here is a breakdown of the final movie:

0:00 an overview of sync
2:28 tuning the master lower than the slave
3:26 tuning the master higher than the slave
5:01 soft sync variations
6:54 enveloping the slave’s pitch (including hard sync comparison)
9:18 layering techniques

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