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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Roland JD-800 synthesizer (NO red glue) + 2 Library ROM card sets

Strange keyboard quirk mentioned below.

via this auction

"This is a very special instrument. The Roland JD-800 is considered a classic in the synth world. Its a very inspiring looking machine. The sounds this instrument can deliver are exceptional and very inspiring...

The keyboard assembly was repaired and restored a couple of years ago. All the red glue was 100 % removed from all the 61 keys and all the weights of each key were glued again with 5 minute epoxy (the best way so far to put those back again). The Keyboard contact strip was replaced by a new one (an original Roland contact strip, the newer model replacement) which required a little modification on the small pc board mounted under the keybed to fit the connectors of the new contact strip again properly. All the Contact strips were also replaced by new ones (original ones as well).

Currently the keyboard works, plays and feels great. Each key produces sound and correct velocity values. However there is a little issue. When pressing and holding the B note of the 3rd octave, if you play on top (while holding that B) the notes C C#D and D# of the next (4th) octave, these will sound very loud (at max velocity value), and going down playing the notes Bb A and Ab of the same octave (3rd octave, and still holding that B note) these will also sound very loud. So basically the next 4 notes/keys (in chromatic order) going up and the next 3 going down while holding that B note, will sound very loud. This only happens when holding the B note, if you play that B note with any other note at the same time (including the ones that sound loud when holding that B) will sound correctly with the correct velocity value. This Little issue is not really an impediment to still play and enjoy this wonderful instrument, but it is worth mentioning it since it is a keyboard controller failure and some players might get annoyed by this. The after-touch is also working but you have to press the keys very hard to notice the function. I'm pretty sure there is still ways to improve the after-touch or get rid of the little failure I just mentioned, but I just don't use this keyboard that often the way I used to, and right now I'm in need of some money. Using this JD800 as MIDI module synthesizer with the MIDI Input, this will never happen, since is an issue on the keyboard assembly only (which is basically the keyboard controller for the "brain" of the JD800). The "brain", the console, internal functionality and controls of this JD800 are working properly at every level.

Other than the little failure on the keyboard assembly/controller mentioned, this unit is basically 100 % playable, enjoyable and in great working and sounding condition."

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