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Monday, January 22, 2018

8/16 Channel Analog Sequencer

via this auction

"8/16 (Switchable) Channel Analog Sequencer (816SXQGR1A)

Version Gray 1A

The 816SXQGR1A is a 16 channel Analog Sequencer that can switched between 8 (Parallel) or 16 channel normal . DC Power adapter included 110/240Vac 50/60Hz to 12Vdc

(( 3rd photo is 5 different colours Red & Blue units sold ))

In the "16" mode it scans 1 thru 16, in the "8" mode it will scan 1 thru 9 and 8 thru 16 at the same time. You can choose what channels to turn on or off. There is also a "Return too" on
each of the switches. Channels 1 and 2 only have the on/off position. Channels 3 thru 16 have the On (Up), Off (Centre) and Reset when scanned too (Down)

Stop/Start control, Step Control when "Stop" has been engaged.

"Freq" control adjusts for the scanning rate

Gate/Trigger output, low to high. 5.1 volts DC. Trigger pulse is 5ms

S-Trigger output is high to low, 10.5 volts DC.

External Clock input (Low to High) pulse required 5.5Vdc (10 volt max input)

(If you are running in the 8 channel mode you will get both the Gate & Trigger pulses from the top bank only). When your in the 16 channel mode you will get all 16 channels to send the gate & trigger pulses to their outputs. The reason you have only the 8 gate & trigger outputs in the 8 channel mode is, if you using only the CV output for the Top Bank and using the bottom back to control a filter or another device. This helps to "Not send a false" gate or trigger output when running.

The Direction allows for the sequencer to move forwards and/or/both (ping-pong) backwards.

There are 2 CV Outputs. There is a CV output for channels. The other output is for channels 9 thru 16 plus CV/Output.

When your in the "16" mode, Mix CV output will provide the full 16 channel CV output.

The "Mix mode output", when your in the 16 channel mode, (Switch 8/16 up) this will give you the full 16 channel's CV output there. In the 8 channel mode, you will use both CV outputs.

The CV/outputs, Bank A (top 8 channels), Bank B (bottom 8 channels), when your in the 8 channel mode, you will have the a Gate output and a Trigger output. Also when your in the 8 channel mode you will get Gate/Trigger pules from Bank A. When your in the 16 channel mode you will get all gate/trigger pulses for every channel.

Switchcraft parts are always used on all the output & input jacks.

There are on/off switches that will turn on and off channels 1 thru 16, this will allow for verations of controls. The on/off switches on each of the channel has 3 options. (Channel 1 and 2 DO NOT HAVE THIS OPTION). When you set the switch in the "UP" position that channel is ON, when you set the switch to the CENTRE, that channel is OFF, when you toss the switch in the DOWN position that channel will "Scan too & Return". (((Note: When any of the channel switches are in the DOWN position, only the channel that is in line with the sequence of scanning will return to channel 1))))

[Example]: If you have channel 6 down and channel 9 down, the sequencer will scan to channel 6 and return, the switch that is tossed down on channel 9 will not do anything because you have a channel in the "Return Position" set before it.

Gate and Triggered outputs. Low to High pulse. 5.1 Volt DC output pulses. (If any of the channels is set to "Off" there will not
be any gate or trigger pulse present at either of the output jacks).

16 channel control voltage adjustment controls, 0 to 6.5 volts DC at the CV/Outputs.

Normal "Mono" patch cords work the best.

The Unit measures (With Cabinet) 13 x 6 3/4 x 3 1/2 inches. Solid aspen wood, rubber feet under the base, and back supports a DC input plug ( Centre [+]...12Vdc). 12 Volt DC adapter supplied when shipped. Instruction included. Rosewood stain

A 12 Volt DC Adapter will be shipped with this unit. 110/240Vac 50/60Hz. (USA) I design them and HAND build everything! Nothing is Pre-Fabed!!!!"

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