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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Interactive 'harmonic trendline' audition application

Published on Jan 23, 2018 Pi Synth

"Here is my interactive organ pipe auditioner, based on the 'trendline' harmonic fingerprint system described here -

The usual waveform display, but I have hijacked the metronome to use it to display log/log harmonics.

The idea is that a very small number of parameters can accurately describe the harmonic fingerprint of the sustain phase of a note generated by an organ pipe. This thing - running on the Mac but again, the Pi Synth codebase so it will run trivially on a Pi Zero - lets me twiddle knobs and instantly explore the entire parametric space.

The methodology desribed by Pykett requires 4 floats to describe a pipe. I have modified this to add 2 more parameters that allow an individual harmonic in the fingerprint to be boosted or cut, which lets a single non-trendline outlier harmonic be correctly modelled. Also I have allowed the 'even harmonic cut' to be an 'even harmonic cut/boost'.

The six parameters are mapped to 6 MIDI CCs, and I can sit sit and twiddle. Tunelessly. But allowing A/B listening against a field recording to rapidly converge to an accurate setting for a given rank at a given note. Nice."

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