Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ready Made

Published on Jan 27, 2018 mmurmoons

"Composition for expanded MakeNoise Shared System and 0coast.

body of the composition is focused on the morphagene, with wogglebug as the clock.
morphagene is providing the keyboard stabs out of R channel (into optomix ch 1) and percussive low sound out of L channel (into optomix ch 2).
wogglebug is sending int clock out to cvbus ch4, which is then distributed to x clock in of rene, clk in of morphagene, and clk input of echophon. woggle is also sending brst out to cvbus ch2, where it is distributed to gate in of 0coast and dgate in of telharmonic.
Maths is sending control signals from ch1 and 4 to cntrl inputs of optomix, ch 1 and 2.
optomix is sending sum out to echophon, which is sending mix out to the cvbus's stereo out (L channel)
Rene is sending x gate out to trig in (ch1) of maths, and y gate to tring in (ch 4) of maths. Also sending qcv out to cvbus ch1, which is then distributed to both the v/oct in on the 0coast, the v/oct of osc2 on the dpo, and the degree in of the telharmonic.
telharmonic is sending P out to 0coast's balance external input.
the dpo is sending osc2 square out to modemix ch2 in.
0coast is sending dynamics out to chA input of rosie.
pressure points is sending ch1 gate output to modemix ch2 carrier cv input.
modemix is sending ch2 out to chB input of rosie.
rosie is sending the fxsend output to the input of erbeverb.
erbeverb seding L and R out to fxreturn of rosie.

patch is being monitored from stereo out of the cvbus and stereo out of rosie.

no external processing."

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