Friday, February 23, 2018

ANALOGUE SYSTEMS RS INTEGRATOR analog modular synthesizer

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"ANALOGUE SYSTEMS RS INTEGRATOR analog modular synthesizer, in GREAT "as new" conditions, eurorack compatible using a cheap adaptor cable. It's an AS System 1 with a pair of BETTER added modules: RS-400 Phase Shifter and RS-390 Echo.

The original PSU is 220 / 240 volts setted.

This Custom System 1 is a readymade configuration by Analogue Systems consisting of modules needed for a well-equipped monophonic synthesizer with CV/gate control. With the System 1 you can easily get bass and lead synth sounds as well as effect and drums sounds, all in pristine quality as you would expect of an Analogue Systems circuit. This version of the System 1 comes in a 6 U/19”-frame suited for being built into a studio rack or a flight case.

This customized System 1 consists of the following modules :
RS-390 Echo
RS-400 Phase Shifter
RS-20 Ring Mod and Multiple
2x RS-95 VCO
RS-110 Multi-mode Filter (Dual Bus)
2x RS-180 VCA
2x RS-160 CV Mixer
RS-230 CV Buffer and Inverter
2x RS-60 Envelope Generator (Dual Bus)
RS-170 Passive 5-way Multiples
RS-15 Case with power
C13 grounded power cord

--------------------------------- MODULES IN DETAIL ---------------------------------

Digital delay with 16-/ 24-Bit resolution, 46.9kHz sampling rate and a maximum delay time of 3 seconds. It offers one mono input and two separate outputs for creating ping-pong delays. Control voltages can modulate the delay time and the dry/wet mix as well.

Classic phase shifter with voltage control and an integrated LFO which you can tap. The phaser has four stages resulting in two notches in the frequency range only but a distinct sound.

RS-95 (2 units)
The RS95 by Analogue Solutions is a premium, british sounding VCO with waveshaping possiblities. It is based on the RS90 but has more features, predominantly a very special sine wave. The RS95e presented here is technically identical but instead a normal frequency control it features a gorgeous, lockable (!) potentiometer with ten turns. That allows precise fine tune control and adds the look of an EMS synthesizer to the VCO.

The RS-110 is a resonant analog multimode filter with excellent sound, resonance and four simultaneously available filter types. An insert function in the feedback loop allows you to insert other audio processors.

RS-180 (2 units)
VCA module with exponential and linear control inputs. This way it can be controlled by any type of control voltages and it is suitable to control both audio signals and CVs.

RS-160 (2 units)
3U mixer module for mixing four signals to one output.

The CV Buffer is a dual active multiples. With this module you can split signals without level loss. Besides that each unit has an inverted output so an inverter is included, too!

RS-60 (2 units)
Flexible ADSR envelope with voltage control of decay and release times. Interesting hold and repeat functions turn the envelope into a LFO with gating functions. Among the ADSRs the RS-60 module is the most versatile and really recommendable!

The RS80 is a flexible LFO with an extremely low minimum frequency (one cycle every 50 seconds) that allows you to create a variety of slowly varying modulations and effects. Its maximum frequency lies in the middle of the audio range. The RS80 can, therefore, be used in three ways: as a low frequency modulator, as an audio frequency modulator and as a secondary sound source.

Classic multiples module for splitting signals, e.g. for sending one modulation to different destinations. It contains two passive five-way multiples.

6U custom built case.+12v,-12v and +5v. power rating 1.5 amp per rail. Includes 8 Doepfer power sockets as supplied as standard. Voltage selector."

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