MATRIXSYNTH: Wizard Tone Improvisation Series - Volume 5

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Wizard Tone Improvisation Series - Volume 5

On the series via Ed Zuccollo:

"I sat in the live room with my Minimoog, a lamp, two effects pedals (EHX Cathedral and Strymon BigSky), and no preconception of what was to come. Adam's voice came through the headphones: 'The ENIAC was the world's first mechanical computer. They're just starting it up for the first time and it begins spitting out numbers and doing calculations... Play that. We're rolling, start whenever you like.'

And so I sat there in silence, imagining this scene, imagining the sounds, then converting these sounds to settings on the Minimoog in my head - then I set up the Moog and began to play, and when I finished we were onto the next one, and the next one... a robotic futuristic bee colony, imagining my favourite mountain bike trail, and eventually reading the Moon Hymn poem and playing my reaction. No edits or layers, all first takes."

via BandCamp:

"... a mind bending creative journey fueled by an exploration of sound and music both beautiful and other-worldly. Zuccollo's deep knowledge of analogue synthesis, in particular the Minimoog, has produced one of the most brilliantly original and at times uncomfortable releases in the Wizard Tone Records catalogue to date. A good set of headphones and an open mind is essential to experiencing this release".
- Adam Page - Producer/curator

These recordings are all first take improvisations and in the order they were performed. Producer Adam Page curated the performances by offering Ed motivations and visualisations immediately prior to recording each track.

released January 5, 2018

Ed Zuccollo :: Minimoog Synthesizer

Effects :: Strymon Big Sky, Electro-Harmonix Cathedral

Recorded November 22nd, 2017 at Wizard Tone Studios by Jarrad Payne and James Brown

Assistant engineer :: Audrey Newcombe

Producer/curator :: Adam Page

Cover illustration & design :: CJ Rhodes

Mixing and mastering :: Jarrad Payne

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