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DUAL CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS IV from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"this is the final version of my big live patch. before going into the patch details I just wanted to say that this patch turned out to be an overkill for live use but ironically was great to play in the studio. Its just way too complex for being playable live, so I'm going to slim it down, patch research will follow in the form of short patch videos, meanwhile...

CR #1

tr1 > BD (Tiptop BD808, BD909, MFB Bass522). BD808 and 522 are mixed together using the top section of the tiptop MixZ module and sent to channel 1 on the Mackie - I would play one or the other. BD909 is premixed with some of the percussion and sometimes is added under the 808 bass drum for low mid punch.

tr2 > BD Accent

tr3 >

tr4 > tiptop Hats808 OH

tr5 > tiptop Hats898 CH

tr6 > tiptop Hats909 OH

tr7 > tiptop Hats909 CH

tr8 > tiptop Maraca808

CR #2

tr1 > clock for the Trigger Riot, Launch Codes, Knight's Gallop, Tiptop Z8000 and Acceler8

tr2 >

tr3 > Tiptop RS909

tr4 > Z4000 envelope controls VCA that the long reverb auxiliary send is running through

tr5 > Noise source based percussion

tr6 > Tiptop TG-ONE Throbbing Gristle samples

tr7 > Tiptop ONE mid percussion sounds

tr8 > Tiptop ONE hi percussion sounds

Trigger Riot

A > Acceler8 clock

B > Accelar8 reset


D > percussion accents

1 > divide by 1

2 > divide by 3

3 > divide by 5

4 > divide by 7

the bass drum trigger from CR and the TR's outs 1-4 are going to the Short Bus. out A of the Short Bus is connected to the bass drums trigger ins and out B to the HH909 closed hat trigger in. With the Short Bus I can combine and mute triggers.

Launch Codes

1 > Tiptop Toms909 Hi Tom

2 > Tiptop Toms909 Mid Tom

3 > Tiptop Toms909 Lo Tom

4 > Tiptop ONE playing V Hous chords

5 > Tiptop Cymbl909 Ride

Knight's Gallop

1 > Tiptop SNR808 and SNR909

2 > Tiptop Clap909 and RS808


Sequencing Piston Honda mk2


ch1 - BD808 / MFB Bass 522

ch2 - BD909, toms, rim shots,clap,snares, ride cymbal, tiptop ONE mid percs, noise perc > Tiptop MixZ > Vermona VcDrive >Toppobrillo Multifilter (hi pass) > Tiptop Z2040 (lo pass)

ch 3 - Hats808, Hats909, Maracas808, Tiptop ONE hi percs > Tiptop MixZ > Tiptop Z2040 ( drive and lo pass)

ch 4 - Tiptop TG ONE, Tiptop ONE > Doepfer unity mixer > Pitsburgh HiPass filter > Z2040 lo pass > Roland Demora delay

ch 5 - Piston Honda > Make Noise LXD > Doepfer Wasp filter > Erica Fusion Delay. LXD and Wasp controlled by Make Noise Math

ch 6 - Roland Scooper looper.

ch 7-8 Z-DSP eVerb card - vry long reverb

ch 9 - Chronoblob > Z2040 in the feedback loop > WMD / SSF multifilter HiPass on the output

ch 15-16 Z-DSP Halls Of Valhalla card Room Reverb.

a bunch of Z4000 envelopes modulating different things across the patch, triggered from the empty tracks on the Circadian Rhythms and the Trigger Riot.

Not all of it was used in the video, it was just a proof of concept how easy it is to handle and how can it sound. As I've said - it is too complex to comfortably handle and patch during live shows. Sound wise it was better than the previous version but some elements could still be improved. For example the Erica Fusion Delay has out of phase stereo out and that makes it tricky to control especially on stage.

Now I'm looking forward for downsizing to bare essentials as some events in the near future will require traveling and I can't take it all as a hand luggage. In any case the most fun system to play live for me is Mantis, 104hp and 84 HP skiff.

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