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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Vintage 80's DK Digital Keyboards Synergy Synthesizer DKII+

via this auction

Update: the seller wrote in to let us know it has been fixed and is now working great.

Original description prior to the update:

"Here is the story on this guy: It is a complete wood DKII+ that looks great. It includes a working Kaypro II, copy of the manual, the host control software, and a disk of Wendy Carlos voices. It functions normally except when it comes to sound, because the oscillator board (common to all Synergy machines) needs work or to be replaced (the easiest option). If you already have a DK1 you can just pop the board out of yours and pop it into this guy and you will have a functioning DKII+. The processor boards, the daughter boards, and output boards work! How do I know this you might ask? Because I paid a tech familiar with Synergys to service this machine. We checked the processor board, the midi, the output board and everything appears fine.

When I go to load sounds from the Kaypro, it acts normally like it is going to load the library disk but when the loading is completed it only makes a few abnormal sounds.

What we theorize happened is that someone spilled a jack and coke onto the keyboard and this dripped onto a specific spot on the OSC board. I completely dissembled the keyboard and cleaned it. When each key is pressed the DK responds with the voice selection light turning off and on with each key press as normal. I could see the small path of the coke when I cleaned the keyboard but did not put it together until my tech pointed out the corroded spot that is isolated to the OSC board.

We spent about 20 hours going over the entire machine and the problem is 100% a spot of corroded traces on the OSC board where the coke was. It has since been cleaned up of course. I am including a picture of the bad spot on the OSC board. The other boards look fine.

I am selling this machine "as is" but complete. I am 100% disclosing everything I know about this machine. I sold my last DKII+ machine for $6000 and received positive feedback for it. This one is at a 2000 discount because I just do not have the time or energy for restorations anymore. I have everything I will ever need until I go to the big gear shop in the sky. I am enjoying just playing what I have now.

I used to be really active with Synergy machines but I have sold everything but one rack mount unit. (you know the one)

After you install a new OSC board (easy if you already have one or have a DK1 or II to harvest one from) this may need some minor servicing like spraying a key contact or may have a scratchy pot but this has spent over 20 hours on a techs bench diagnosing the problem so there is no mystery.

Feel free to ask any questions. The stand is not included. The midi cable is not included. Here is exactly what you get.

1. Kaypro II with SYNHCS host control software and a Wendy Carlos Voice disk, the disks are recent copies and work.

2. The proper serial cable for connecting the Kaypro to a Synergy. The cable as been tested.

3. One complete but AS IS DKII+ as described above.

4. A copy of the host control operational manual.

5. Original pedal for sustain and portamento. Cable has small amount of wear but it works and is tested

The wood case is substantial! It is made from hardwood and real hardwood plywood. There is no particle board or cheap materials in sight. This will make shipping it and the Kaypro more expensive than you might think. If you do not see your country listed contact me for an exact shipping quote. I am known for my excellent packing jobs. I only use the highest quality packing materials and "over pack" everything

Cosmetically everything looks good. The Kaypro is in very nice shape with only one small ding on the top left corner. It is a one owner computer and is super clean.

The Synergy is also in really nice shape. The only noticeable cosmetic imperfections are on the wood. The wood is a bit dry and has some rub marks and scratches that will probably go away with some wood polish but I was always afraid to use it because you never know how wood will react. I would say just leave it. It looks vintage and rustic. You can also feel the texture on the wood grain on top so I do not think the wood is sealed enough to use a polish. The face of the machine looks very clean, so does the badge on the back."

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