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Saturday, March 03, 2018

X1L3 - SHARD - power electronics - rituals - trials

Published on Mar 3, 2018 manufacturedZ3R0

"Two shards - one automated by midi to gate to generate the drone, the other manipulated manually to drive the chaos.

Shard 1 is passed through a filter and then clouds to add reverb. This automated unit also has wreckage, a simple companion module connected to the audio input. This is bought in towards the end.

Shard 2 is clean with persudatron connected to the audio input. Persuadatron is an FM radio receiver with gating controls over tuning, volume etc. Any audio source at the audio in of shard will disrupt the oscillators, a radio is particularly good at this and can be heard mid way in the hands on chaotic section.

To summarize, Shard 1 for the first third, creeping in as the filter is opened up, changing timbre via osc gate automation about midway. A vca gate is then opened for shard 2 at two thirds and the chaos begins - letting persuadatrons commercial radio gash bleed through in places. The gate is closed at the final third, shard 1 takes control again and the set fades into sludge discord as wreckage is bought in and the filter is closed.

For anyone vaguely interested - shard, wreckage and persuadatron up for sale soon at:"

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