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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Countryman Associates TYPE 968A Phase Shifter

via this auction

This is the first post to properly feature Countryman Associates (they were previously mentioned in the BBC video linked below). Check out the EMS SYNTHI in the background. I can't quite place what's on the upper left. Thought it might be the EMS SYNTHI Logik, but it's not. If anyone knows, feel free to leave a comment.

"Countryman released the first commercial phase shifting devices beginning with the Type 967 Phase Shifter around 1967; The 968A is the last model in this series, released around '71. Like the 967 and 968, the 968A uses an internal Envelope Follower rather than a cyclic LFO for phase modulation. There is also a CV input on the front panel, along with the audio input and output.

Besides being one of the very first of its kind, and having a very unique sound, the 968A is designed in a way that makes it particularly suited to experimental audio processes and special audio effects (as opposed to and different from your average stomp box phaser). There's not a lot of information online about this rare device, but what is available is mostly concerning it's experimental applications.

The 968A was used in a number of early electronic music studios including the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. It's featured in this BBC TV 70's documentary film." [posted here]

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  1. Stay tuned for the "how the voice of the Cylon was made" documentary almost done!



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