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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Roland JX-8P Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ Restored Aftertouch & Memory Cart

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"One of the best features of the JX is the expressive aftertouch feature that can be used to boost things such as volume, modulation, brightness, opening of filters, etc. just by pressing down a little harder on the keys you are holding down. Unfortunately, on virtually every JX-8P in the world, the aftertouch no longer works or is very, very faint due to age. I've owned almost a dozen JX-8Ps through the years and it was an issue on each and every one of them as well as virtually any you'll find for sale elsewhere.

It's a tedious process to restore the aftertouch on one of these, but I've gotten very good at it. The synth gets opened up and the keybed removed. All 61 key springs are removed, then all the keys, one by one. While out, I gave the keys a good sudsy bath and removed all the dirty and grime of a 30+ year old synth. The aftertouch assembly which runs the length of the keybed is taken apart and meticulously cleaned to remove the oxidation that causes it to go out. Reassembly is nerve wracking and usually takes two sets of hands to pull off trying to lay a long metal ribbon atop 5 end to end carbon rubberized strips that sit on top of a gold rail and lay a heavy rubber cap onto of the whole assembly without knocking it askew and having to retry.

Anyhow, the aftertouch was fixed this week and now is expressive and strong without being overly touchy. You'll enjoy it. If tested all key keys and functions and everything is working perfectly as far as I can tell. It got a good cleaning, inside and out while it was opened up to restore the aftertouch."

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