MATRIXSYNTH: DFAM as Rhythm/Bass Unit (plus Matrixbrute)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

DFAM as Rhythm/Bass Unit (plus Matrixbrute)

Published on Jun 13, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Nice wee patch on the DFAM. Hearing it back, I realised it sounded better beginning on beat 5, so be aware when watching the vid that beat 5 is actually beat 1. Yes yes, I could have reprogrammed the beats, but it was sitting nice where it was at :)

Bass tuned to E.

I decided to add a little bit of synth to the mix. And fancied playing, given the DFAM is doing all the work! I added a few short patterns (3 sections in total, with the tonality primarily major, minor, lydian).

i.e. all based around E, given the bass tone (not always exclusively 'E major', though).

I'll put the Moog-only part up on soundcloud for reference. Also good fun for jamming along with :) Good for practising chops. The upper B coming through at c.2:54 sounds great.

RE post: a little reverb added to the MB, nothing else. Moog = as-is i.e. 'straight out the box'.

Yip - I went to pull the patch cable out at about halfway through and it wouldn't budge! It was a case of waiting for the next sequence start. Good cables though. They can take the abuse (I got them on ebay from 'Scapesound').

I've intentionally colour-coded the patch i.e. for all in-situ cables I used red, with the active cable being yellow. Less chance this way of me being a stupid bugger and pulling out the wrong cable!

Given this is a live, unedited performance, you'll hear occasional 'pops' when the cables make contact. I don't mind it - this recording is just a demo anyway. Plus the pops add to the authenticity i.e. you can tell there's a guy yanking cables!!


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