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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Moog DFAM: Using as an Arpeggiator

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Kris Lennox

Don't miss part 2 below, for a more ambient take.

"Making a percussion synth a not-percussion synth.

Just for the hell of it. :)) It wasn't designed for this, but it can be interesting to push a synth to do what it's not meant/designed to do.

As can be seen, no patching. External reverb, nothing else.

Some pretty cool things can be done with this wee machine (I mean before any patching; utilising patching, it can get insane).

Contrary to popular belief, the DFAM doesn't have to be constant 4/4.
I'll maybe illustrate another time.


Moog DFAM as Arpeggiator (part 2)

Published on Jun 12, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Another look at the DFAM as an arpeggiator/sequencer.

The previous vid demonstrated the unit in its brutality as a percussion machine; this shows something quite different.

The track is one of my own, titled 'Through Pastel-Coloured Clouds'. I'm sure the imagery is obvious, given the 'noise as wind' effect.

The work is actually 4-part (DFAM, Matrixbrute x2, plus a viola. Yes, there's an actual acoustic instrument in there!!), but the DFAM arpeggiation sequence runs throughout.

Other instruments don't enter until c.1:55 - everything until then is DFAM-only (MB enters with bassline and upper 'shimmer sequencing' @ c.1:55. I filmed all parts so over the next few days I'll upload a performance vid of this work).

To the DFAM part: pre-tuned, of course. The output signal was split, with one part transposed up an octave. Reverb & chorus added to upper part (signal 1 was sent into a Lexicon PCM96 rackmount).

Signal 2 sent to reverb only (Eventide).

Lots of effects added to the viola solo (flange, chorus etc). Again, I'll upload the viola part on the vid showing all parts of this work.

The upper shimmer sequencing sounds more akin to FM synthesis than standard subtractive. Very happy with the sound. Great to see that the MB can be taken to these levels. Nothing added here aside from 'verb (and the MB onboard delay).

Bass sound is also fantastic. :)

The Moog part on its own sounds great. :)

The DFAM really is a versatile wee unit. Very happy with how this recording turned out. The sequence line wasn't originally intended for DFAM - but works beautifully on it.

PS I had to order some new short patch cables as my others have went walkabout. The ones I'm using I got from an ebay site called 'Scapesound'. Great cables. Recommended.


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