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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Sputnik Modular Performance :: "No Regrets"

Published on Jun 3, 2018 Mike Thomas

"A modular synthesizer performance carried out on a Sputnik Modular system. All sounds, and most "control" done with Sputnik modules.

I traded out the WMD Tool-Box for 2hp Div (really needed a clock divider!), 2hp Delay, and 2hp Tune (quantizer). This opened up the case for more interesting rhythmic stuff and allows the Disting to take on other roles when needed (though, ironically, it didn't get used in this patch).

In order of appearance ...

Percussion/rhythm is pink and white noise alternated by Sputnik Selector and enveloped by a channel of Quad Function and Trigger Source (QFTS). Decay modulated by a West Coast Random Source (WCRS) Fluctuating Random Voltages (FRV).

First voice is Sputnik Oscillator Sub output, which is eventually mixed with the Main/Waveshaped output. Waveshaping parameter modulated by WCRS Stored Random Voltage (SRV). Notes "sequenced" by WCRS Quantized Random Voltages (QRV), and quantized by 2hp Tune (major scale). QRV index hand modulated. 2hp Tune's "Bias" parameter modulated by 5-Step Voltage Source (5SVS). Final mixed output sent to Quad VCF/VCA (QVV) in LPG mode and sent to a second channel of QVV in Filter mode, also manually wiggled.

Second/bass voice is Sputnik Dual Oscillator Sine and Final outputs mixed and enveloped by QFTS and QVV. Envelope is also modulating Timbre. Modulation oscillator is in VCO mode and AMing the main oscillator. Modulation index, Harmonics Order, and Timbre manually increased over the course of the piece. Notes sequenced by one channel of 5SVS. 5SVS is advanced every other trigger from 2hp Div by multing the Div channel to WCRS S&H Pulse 'splitter'."

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