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Sunday, July 15, 2018

LFO Waveshaping on the OB6

Published on Jul 15, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Illustration of the LFO on the OB6. The patch itself, like last night's Matrixbrute analog patch, took quite a while to make. But it's a great patch for illustrating the LFO. Note I'm intentionally limiting what I'm playing with in this vid i.e. no resonance sweeps etc.

The OB6 is a great sound design tool. Of course, I'd advise anyone considering purchasing the Obi to know the boundaries of the instrument (this can be said of any instrument, though. I've never purchased a 6-string guitar then complained about the lack of a 7th string) - but within these boundaries there is almost limitless potential. And the Obi tone needs no introduction.

This is a sample from a 30-40 minute take. I'm working on something at present that requires quite odd and unique sounds (also hence last night's vid). With synth sound design projects, I normally have an idea of the sound I want, and record what I 'think' the sound I want is - but play within a 'bandwidth parameter' whereby i'll go through various permutations of sounds. More often than not the sound I use is something found when playing within these bandwidths rather than the 'imagined' sound itself.

I find it good practice to simply hit record, then keep the end product as a 'sketchbook', as even something as short as a 5-second sample can have its place, given the correct project/concept.

It s also good to take a very objective approach to easily 'let go' of something. Generally, when listening back, i'll be thinking RE certain parts 'bin that, keep that part, bin that part, maybe that part, bin that' etc etc.

The latter point is an important one for anyone hoping to succeed in the commercial music industry. If you reach that stage, it is more than likely you'll have to present materials as an illustration of your work. And the response will be very objective/literal i.e. 'this could be useful, no use for this at present, that is pastiche, this is interesting' etc etc. If precious about work, hearing someone else call something you've created 'useless' probably won't sit too well! But it is very common - and isn't an insult i.e. something may, in fact, have no commercial use. Which is ok. It doesn't mean it has no value.

All best

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