MATRIXSYNTH: Robaux - SWT16 (16 output trigger/gate feature packed sequencer)

Monday, July 02, 2018

Robaux - SWT16 (16 output trigger/gate feature packed sequencer)

Published on Jul 2, 2018 DivKidVideo

"Here's the new SWT16 (it stands for sweet 16 btw) from Robaux, which is a feature packed 16 output trigger and gate sequencer for the Eurorack modular synth format. It had a classic 16 step mode that will be very familiar to many of you that have used sequencers and controllers before, there's also options to create polymetric patterns where the 16 channels have different step lengths which can be anywhere from 1 to 64 steps. This works by creating up to 8 banks with up to 8 steps in each bank. As polymetric patterns can get a bit chaotic sometimes and hard to keep in check there's a internal pattern reset so if you want patterns of 12 over 5, over 9 but you want to reset on step 21 you can do. There's an internal clock divider for each track to divide down the master clock (which can be the internal auto clock or external clock input with reset) for your patterns. There's also a tap record mode, random mode (to fill a pattern randomly which you can keep doing or edit) and also a great performance mode that brings many features to the front interface. There's also a mute mode, fill mode (which fills the pad/channel you press with every clock pulse), invert mode to totally invert your patterns ... there's LOTS to go at. So here's a video manual style video that walks through the majority of features but check the link below to see the website and manual, which is short, simple and graphical in showing everything. You can actually play around with a web based version of the module clicking the buttons and seeing what the different modes are.


00:00 hello, patch previews

00:35 Verbal feature run down - I go through the menu and show where things are on the interface

01:55 Beat in classic step mode

02:20 Mute mode

03:41 Step mode

04:50 Fill mode

05:35 Invert mode

06:20 Deleting patterns

06:35 Building a beat/pattern in step mode

07:03 Tap mode - play in perform and record your patterns.

07:24 Random mode - fill your pattern with random patterns

09:10 Performance mode - on four channels you can mute, fill and record/perform patterns at the same time. Then move between parts 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16. Very useful.

11:56 Track lengths - building polymetric patterns. Looking at how step mode turns to 8 banks of 8 steps when using longer patterns.

14:47 Track lengths - building up longer patterns and how to edit up to 64 steps. This is also shows how you can double the clock speed on an external source to work at 32nd notes which allows you to create ratchets and bursts over longer patterns too.

19:00 Auto clock - on board clock generate with start/stop, reset and tempo control.

19:50 Gate length - turning channels on and off in this setting allows you to merge any steps that are active side by side into one long held gate instead or triggering per step.

21:20 Round up, talking about the interface etc."

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