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"Here's the moment you've been waiting for, a fully restored fully functional Synergy keyboards with lots of extras. This might be one of the most complete packages you'll find for a Synergy these days. An extremely rare synth & impossible to find in these final versions in fully functioning condition with midi. It's in excellent cosmetic shape & even includes a Kaypro 10, Wendy Carlos cartridge & more. See below for all the info. The sound on this Synergy is really surprising for a digital keyboard - it's rich, lush, organic, warm. An awesome keyboard to say the least, and an incredible piece of synthesizer history. According to VintageSynthExplorer, " it is estimated that less than 100 may still be in operation today....A working Synergy is a great and rare find. A working Synergy with some tone cartridges and a working Kaypro 10 computer is an even greater (and rarer) find!"

In this auction you'll be receiving
1) Synergy keyboard latest model II+ with WORKING midi
2) Printed bound manuals (owner's manual, operation manual w/ computer,synergy host programmer reference manual)
3) Wendy Carlos WD-02 Cartridge (rare, provides a second set of operating banks)
4) DIY Cartridge - this is the best part, a DIY built fully functional cartridge that has 8 banks burned to an EPROM of original Wendy Carlos programs & other programs, allowing for easy switching to new sound sets.
5) Two EPROMs with 8 banks each for the DIY cartridge card, loaded with 16 total banks of the original Wendy Carlos programs & other programs, so you now have 32+32 + (32 x 8 x 8) programs = 608 preset patches sounds! *more on this below*
6) Kaypro 10 Computer with keyboard (Kaypro II had original Dual Floppy, the Kaypro 10 replaced the floppy with a 10mb hard drive & is much more desirable & rarer)
7) Box full of manuals & discs for the Kaypro
8) EPROM with the old 3.20 software
9) RS-232 cable to interface with Kaypro

Servicing details:
1) Newly burnt EPROMS with OS 3.21. EPROMS will only last 20 years or so. Since these were newly burnt & installed, now you know these will last you another 20 years
2) New Battery
3) Pots & switches cleaned
4) Entire cleaning of the unit
5) Key contacts & buss-bars cleaned
6) Replaced tantalum and electrolytic caps ont he circuit boards
7) Replace power fan with silent PC type (previous fan sounded like an airplane taking off)

While everything is functional, the only thing to mention is the Kaypro is missing the essential SYNHCS software to properly communicate with the Synergy. We've tried finding the files & loading them on, but have yet to find the correct functioning files. If we find them in time we will definitely upload them & update this listing accordingly. The kaypro is being recognized by the keyboard via the serial port, so serial port & kaypro are both working. The last step is to get the proper software on the kaypro & it will be fully there. Otherwise the remainder of the items listed & the entire system is functioning as it should. You can still easily use the keyboard without the Kaypro & enjoy the huge selection of patch presets.

About the DIY Cartridge - Very simple operation. Insert the cartridge, use a small button on the cartridge to select a bank, then press the "Cartridge" button the Synergy & the presets are loaded.
On the cartridge itself, you can insert one of the two Eproms, & each Eprom is loaded with 8 banks, containing all the available carts from the Synergy Preservation Page, with a mixture of Wendy Carlos programmed cartridges on there, Voice data for Carlos 1-4, L1-13, and VCARTS 1-6."

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