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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Synth Lines - Taylor Swift - "Dancing With Our Hands Tied"

Published on Jul 31, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Brilliant song. Possibly the best on the album. Great synth part. Synth on the album is a Prophet, not an Obi. Taylor phoned Dave to ask for a Prophet for the album/upcoming tours, but wanted white. Of course, the Prophet isn't white - but if Taylor wants a white one for the tour, Taylor gets a white one for the tour!

So - if you see her on tour sitting at a white synth, it's a custom DSI Prophet.

On this recording I dropped in the basic drum parts. What you're hearing here is just an old Boss thing that was at hand. Drums on the original are Tempest. The album is pretty much all Tempest & Vermona when it comes to percussion.

Studio version is sequenced rather than played - but it's good fun to play the parts also. Filter sweeps etc can't be performed when the hands are busy playing - but again, it's good practice to be able to play sequencer parts in the off-chance the sequencer kicks the bucket mid-gig!

The difficult part in playing along with a drum machine is every single note has to be exactly on the beat. Pianists - if you think your timing is good - import a recording and line it up with a sequencer. The first time you do it will be an eye-opener!

Many musicians aim to play the most difficult music - which is commendable, of course. But in most studio situations, what is required is someone who can simply play in time. Guitarists in particular are notoriously bad for this - they'll shred Vai all day, but can't strum a G to a D perfectly in time with a metronome :)

Harmonically the included is quite jazzy - chords are minor 9ths, minor add 9's, and add 9's. Also - the single F otave at the chorus isn't always played as only n octave on the original. Depending on which chorus, the upper Eb of the Cm9 is moved to the F, hence it may sound thicker in certain places on the original.


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