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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Arvo Part. On the OB-6 :)

Published on Aug 7, 2018 Kris Lennox

"'Fur Alina', here played on a patch I made for it on the Obi. Personally, I think this sounds better than the original piano version. And I say that as a pianist. The piano version is great if you have access to a 9ft concert grand - and a completely empty, silent hall - but played live, the stillness is often destroyed by an old biddy chewing a boiled sweet in row G.

Recordings of the piano version sound great - as the mics are about 2ft from the strings. Probably the ideal listening experience on the piano would be to have your head under the lid.

I had plans of doing a piano concert in the near future. I planned on offering special tickets whereby people could lie under the piano. Naturally, I'd put something comfortable there for them to lie on. That would be a special concert indeed. And no, I'm not kidding. Standard classical concerts are like pulling teeth, and don't interest me in the slightest. Unless there's a fine-looking lady performing. Maybe that cellist from 'Classical' (ha!) group 'Bond'. I'd maybe pay for a front-row ticket for that gig. Maybe. And don't even think of calling me sexist. Show me which Bach score features the performance direction 'expose underwear in bar 27'.

Actually, I may be on to a good idea there. Must contact publishers and tell them I have a new performance direction initiative. I'll do it in the morning.

How many could say they laid under a piano during a recital? And it isn't as strange as it sounds - certain people would do this whilst Liszt performed. But we've became all very stuffy and there's now a very distinct audience/performer division. If I ever do another recital, this distinction won't exist i.e. there will be lying spaces available under the piano, and the audience will be right next to me. Being able to not only see what is being done - but actually feel the intensity of the performance up close - is something that appeals to me.

Unless someone does a Monica Seles and sticks a dagger in my back. Then again, that would be quite an interesting performance feature. The Classical world is distinctly lacking ISIS-style attacks. But we'd need an artistic terrorist, i.e. someone willing to blow themselves up exactly on the cannon blast during the 1812 overture. Audience members would be encouraged to bring those yellow rainjackets one sees at festivals like T in the Park. But in this instance, to protect against rogue limbs during Tchaikovsky.

And the BBC wonder why the Proms is dead in the water.

PS the included video is dull to watch. Better as a listening-only experience.

I also didn't blow myself up in this vid. That would be a waste of a good synth.

All best

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