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Published on Aug 2, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Another piece from the 'It Follows' soundtrack. Really beautiful work. The original has two layers - one is a chiptune, slightly gritty synth line, and the other is a string-like sound. The challenge with this recording was to create a sound somewhere between both. I think the included sound works quite well.

You'll probably hear the drift assigned to the patch. Very slight, but I think it works well. I also assigned aftertouch to drift - again, very subtle.

After purchasing the Obi I read a few reviews, just to see what others think. One gripe reviewers seem to have is the 49-key range. As you can see from this recording, the range isn't too much of a problem - as long as you are creative with it :) When my LH is swinging out of shot I'm altering the octave.

I'm sure my followers have noticed of late that I'm posting a rather large volume of music. I must add that I'm not actually spending hours each day working videos etc. To give some background: before speaking to other musicians, I always thought perfect pitch was just 'normal', and everyone had it. To me, the sound of , say, the note C (for example) is very obvious as it sounds 'C-ish', in much the same sense someone looking at red knows it is red as, well, it looks red!

For some reason I was also always able to play something back after hearing it. If a complex piece, it would take two or three listens before I could play it.

As a musician, being able to play most things after hearing them is great (after seeing 'It Follows' in the cinema, I went home and played through the soundtrack. It's such a great score I had to play through it). As a listener, though, it is terrible, as after hearing something once a tune becomes tiring, as the brain knows it. As a product of this, I flick between two polarities - the first is avoiding listening to anything at all - with the second being consuming everything there is to be listened to.

My point - a recording such as this only takes a few minutes. Prior to recording, I had a listen through the track again as a quick reminder, as I hadn't heard it in about a year or so. After this it was simply a case of setting up the camera/Tascam etc. Quick and easy, and nice to share the recording/archive of how to play the pieces."

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