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Friday, September 21, 2018

This Side of the Curse (The Album)

Published on Sep 20, 2018 Audio Illustrator

"Audio illustrator James Newman and the James Newman Cinematic Groove Orchestra are pleased to present a new You Tube Album, 'This Side of the Curse'.

'This Side of the Curse' takes the listener on a musical journey thoughtfully exploring the various struggles we all deal with as humans in this life.

Song list:

1) "This Side"
2) "Home"
3) "Out of Sync"
4) "Gettin' Me Down"
5) The Silence of Grasping Air"
6) "Get Me Out of Here"
7) "Another Floydian Slip"
8) "Flip Side"

*All Photos courtesy of Stephanie Newman.

*Record player sound FX courtesy of:
*"Over the Rainbow" sung by the "Threebee's".
*All music composed, performed, and produced by James Newman.

1) "This Side" We all know that life is not only challenging but also downright hard at times. Even in the best of times we can see that life has a way of working against us. I believe this life is indeed under a curse and that we all long to be set free from that which we are bound under.

This piece is based from the events found in Genesis 3.

2) "Home" is a musically Dystopian-Floydish driven piece about our world underneath the curse and it's effects. We are all living in a world where nothing lasts and nothing works the way it should. A world that changed because of rebellion and distrust. Take solitude though in this brave new world of ours shaped from our sins...after all, this is home...

This piece is also based from Genesis 3, and Romans 8:20-21

3) "Out of Sync" is another look at the world we live in which is out of order. We all feel it and experience it day by day. All things including ourselves are broken and are looking to be repaired. Life is hectic and our world seems to be spinning around us faster and faster...out of sync.

This piece is based from Romans 8:20-21

4) "Gettin' Me Down" is a musical portrait of humanity living in a world that works against us. Even within ourselves we find the very nature of various wars that effect our thoughts and intentions which proceed to destroy everything we touch. We all desire to be forever free from this nature, and there is The Way for us who choose to accept it.

This piece is based from Romans 8:20-21, James 4:1-3, Romans 7:15-25.

5) "The Silence of Grasping Air". This piece is a reflection of the writings of Solomon from the book of Ecclesiastes. Vanity of vanities...nothing in this life can we grasp and keep.

This piece is based from the book, Ecclesiastes.

6) "Let Me Out of Here". This is a musical journey of the the struggle between soul, mind, and body. I wanted to create the mood of being trapped within oneself and the desire to be released. The percussive "knocking" sound represents knocking or pounding, wanting to get out of where you are and hoping someone will hear you to let you out.

This piece is based from Romans 7:14-25

7) "Another Floydian Slip". "As I age, I'm told I'm no longer hip for my filter lets me down as I make another floydian slip"

This is a reflective groove about aging and ultimately waiting for death to come. All results from the curse.

This piece is based from Ecclesiastes 12 and Genesis 3: 17-19.

8) "Flip Side" is a musical moment about the other side of life of those who will be raised in glory having everlasting life through their faith in Jesus Christ. Their future will not end and will no longer struggle with the results of sin and it's curse. Indeed they will live where everything will be in harmony and as One forever.

This piece is based from Revelation 21: 1-8, Revelation 22."

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