MATRIXSYNTH: X1L3 - MIDI to gate eurorack module + NUX timecore total conversion

Saturday, September 22, 2018

X1L3 - MIDI to gate eurorack module + NUX timecore total conversion

Published on Sep 22, 2018 X1L3

"4HP eleven output midi to gate module.

Being used here for drum sequencing duties. Starting out with the CB55 module built with the DR55 clone pcb from An elements is tied to the midi to gate to add an air of melancholy and mid way two peaks are added to escallate the track and nail down the drum section before the track starts to drop out. The last gate is reading a continuous note on/off track from the daw to create a sync clock for the NUX timecore. I alter the time signature subtly towards the end which you can hear in both how the NUX suddenly tries to shift tempo and also the slow delay fade out in the last few bars. A simple demo really, just something to show how much this little module can do. My daw is used for the melodic backing and bass etc. Too lazy to knock it up on the rig today :P

Reads incoming date on Channel ten and responds to middle C up through the next ten notes. Not on will set a gate high and hold it until the note is released, setting the gate low again.

Countless uses for this one. Clocks for anything tap tempo enabled, sequencing duties, adsr triggering etc etc.

Also in the rig here is a NUX timecore digital delay guitar pedal converted to eurorack with homebrew pcb and panel test pieces made on my 3040 cnc router.. It now has input and output buffers to make it suitable for euro level signals and a gate input on the front panel which allows you to engage and disengage the effect or send a clock to it to sync thetap tempo. Really cool delay with loads of modes and a decent sound. The CB 55 drums are fed through this throught the demo. A total conversion kit is underway for anyone wanting to mod their own :)"

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