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Friday, November 30, 2018

GOD's BOX Lollipop - FET & Vactrol/Opto based compressor for Eurorack

Published on Nov 30, 2018 DivKidVideo

"**TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** Here's the lovely sounding FET and Opto (vactrol) based compressor from GOD's BOX called 'Lollipop'. It has a great input/output gain stage and some nice drive and saturation when pushed. You get control of threshold, ratio, attack and release with external CV input and level for side chain (works well with audio or just triggers) and CV input and level control for threshold. Take this video as a tutorial and series of ideas on how to make use of a compressor, there's some production tips in the video that will hopefully help people get the most out of any compressor, but of course grab a Lollipop it sounds great and I want another one! :)

New shiny GOD's BOX site -
Available from -

Note - all the examples here are a bit more heavy handy with compression than you may want to use them. That's purely as demoing a compressor over YouTube is really hard, so I wanted to make sure things were as obvious as possible while also showing the range of the device.


00:19 Patch previews // what’s to come in the video

01:09 Quick verbal feature run down and look at the panel

01:50 DivKid’s school of audio compression - a quick primer on compression and the common controls

03:18 Compressing beats - compression demo and look at CV over threshold for dynamic / random modulation. This also look at parallel blends aka New York Compression.

08:18 Sidechain compression - ducking a bass against a kick MEGA PUMPING!

11:29 Sidechaining / ducking fully wet FX against their dry sounds - production tip for bigger FX sounds that don’t swamp the raw sound. I do this with a big reverb and a delay in this example.

14:11 Creating a “ducking delay” (see patch above, but at this point it moves to the delay instead of the reverb).

15:04 ABUSING THE LOLLIPOP - distortion, saturation and extreme compression. Looking at the in/out gain stages as well as heavy compression.

17:58 Transient Designer style functions - Compressing raw tones, much like an SPL transient designer - using the Lollipop to reshape the attack/sustain portions of a snare drum.

19:23 Compressing a guitar - Fender Telecaster (50s style for those that care, with rusty strings too they’re not from the 50s though). Both tight slappy/smacky funk and more subtle dynamic control.

21:07 Compressing a full mix - both subtle low ratio settings to add weight and control to a mix and more extreme control in parallel as a thickener."

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