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Monday, November 05, 2018

Moog One V1.0.1 Update

The first update for the Moog One is available here. The following are the release notes. You'll find a list of known issues being worked on below.


1. MIDI improvements: Hardware now sends and receives MIDI Pitch Wheel, Mod Wheel (CC 1), Aftertouch (Channel Pressure), and MIDI CCs for Pad X (CC 75), Pad Y (CC 76), and Pad Pressure (CC 77). Each Synth can send/receive on its own independent MIDI Channel, or they can all use the same channel.

2. Increased gain of external microphone input.

3. Refined operation of Unison mode: Fixed issues with notes re-triggering on release, or re-triggering while Unison
Detune is adjusted.

4. XY Pad behavior improved on preset load (initial values and XY Hold behavior now work consistently).

5. Non-repeating random arpeggiator patterns now ensure that no notes are repeated across pattern boundaries.

6. Pitch Bend Up Amount and Pitch Bend Down Amount can now be set to fractional values, using SHIFT + Soft Knob to set the value.

7. Updated collection of factory presets with minor tweaks: Ensured all utilized Timbres in a preset were named, and ensured unused Timbres within a preset were set to an INIT state. Firmware update will not affect existing presets within any User Space, but the updated Factory Presets can be accessed by creating a new user space using the “Create Factory” option.

8. Timbre deactivation (for better voice allocation). Voice allocation has been improved, to avoid dynamically stealing voices between timbres (which can cause a small sonic artifact at note-on). This requires reserving a certain number of voices for each active synth, which means that it’s helpful to be able to completely disable synths you aren’t using so they don’t hold any hardware voices in reserve. Disabling a synth can be done by holding SHIFT while pressing the KB CONTROL ON button to turn it off. Doing this will completely disable the selected synth, so it will not play via MIDI or the local keyboard or sequencer. Turning KB CONTROL ON again will re-enable the selected synth. Presets in v1.0.1 will load with any unused timbres disabled automatically.


In v1.0.1 it is now possible to set fractional values for Pitch Bend Up and Pitch Bend Down (on the LHC MORE page) and for the Bend Up Offset and Bend Down Offset found on each Oscillator MORE page. Pressing SHIFT and then adjusting the soft-knob to set these values will allow setting them in increments of 0.01 semitone (one cent).

v1.0.1 introduces the concept of individual Synths being “enabled” or “disabled” (where previously they were all enabled all the time). When a synth is disabled, it no longer uses any hardware voices, which means those voices are available for other synths to use. This is particularly significant for the POLY COUNT setting “Available Voices” which automatically gets allocated all voices which are not specifically reserved by the Poly Count of other synths. Existing v1.0.0 presets will now load with unused synths automatically disabled; a synth is considered “unused” if it was saved with Keyboard Control OFF and Sequencer Note Trig set to OFF. A disabled synth is indicated on the HOME page by a dark-grey synth number and keyboard range indicator. These indicators are colored red for active synths, and light grey for synths which are enabled but which have KB Control turned off.
To manually disable a synth, select the desired synth using the PANEL FOCUS buttons, and then hold the SHIFT button while pressing the KB CONTROL ON button to turn it off. The synth number and keyboard range indicator on the HOME page will turn dark grey, and the disabled synth will no longer sound. Pressing the KB CONTROL ON button again to turn it on will enable the synth and turn on Keyboard Control for it.

Below is a list of many, but not all of the known issues still present in v1.0.1

1. Fan noise — cooling fans come on sooner and at a higher rate than is ideal. This will be addressed in the next update
2. Legato Glide works inconsistently
3. Some panel knobs send MIDI CCs, but these CCs are not received by the hardware yet. Full MIDI implementation is in
4. Sync to external MIDI clock not fully implemented (coming soon)
5. Some noises from effects during/just after preset change
6. Sequencer TIE doesn’t use same voice to play tied notes
7. MIDI IN - notes aren’t filtered by KB Range
8. Oscillator Note-On Reset not working
9. Velocity modulation of envelope levels is not scaled correctly (gets too quiet too soon)
10. MIDI note-on can output 0 velocity
11. If multiple synths are selected using Panel Focus, soft knobs don’t edit parameter value for all selected synths 12. System can hang when initially setting date/time
13. USB MIDI not working yet on Windows systems

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