MATRIXSYNTH: X1L3 - NIHIL + X-CORE + WRECKAGE + SHARD - Power electronics and harsh noise

Saturday, November 03, 2018

X1L3 - NIHIL + X-CORE + WRECKAGE + SHARD - Power electronics and harsh noise

Published on Nov 3, 2018 X1L3

"Powerelectronix session and a couple of beers in a proving ground for the Nihil CB microphone input module and the X-Core nux guitar pedal conversion kit i've been working on. Shit camera positioning means the lower 3U is mostly out of shot, along with nihil. But the sun will still rise in the morning and you get the general idea of what's going on. I'm basically doing spoken word in various styles from a lyric sheet i put together and looping the sum of it with timecore, ending with some feedback by holding the mic up to the cabs at the end for some violent scene conclusion. Time core is particularly good for this as a delay as it can be set to infinite repeats while still allowing you to overdub into the loop and gradually force it to morph and evolve. Vaguely where and what are listed below.

Wreckage is generating the drone that kicks off the track and is later hit with atrophy and modulated with a sound machines LP1.
Shard is generating the rhythmic noise element which is fed through a filter and into the output mixer, it's also being modulated by an LP1. Nihil is routed to the audio input of the second shard in the rig to distort the spoken word which is then routed to the timecore and out to the mixer.

Nihil is a cheap CB mic solution for eurorack rigs to eliminate the hassle of always having to butcher the cables on these things to use them in your set up. It's compatible with passive microphones which utilise the cobra 4 pin standard. CB mic wiring standards can be looked up online and found on most ham radio enthusiasts forums and pages. Like a CB mic itself, the module is cheap, dirty and looks great.

X-Core is a conversion kit for nux time core and mod core guitar p[edals. It provides a neat wrapper and easy build and hands over stomp switching to manual finger press or gate automation. This doubles up as a tap tempo sync on the time core for syncing the delay to sequencing and clock signals."

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