MATRIXSYNTH: AJH Synth Fixed Filter Bank 914 - a HUGE range of tonal sculpting!

Friday, December 28, 2018

AJH Synth Fixed Filter Bank 914 - a HUGE range of tonal sculpting!

Published on Dec 28, 2018 DivKidVideo

"**SKIPPABLE TIMING INDEX BELOW** As you expect from anything AJH this sounds great. It takes a single input and gives us a huge range of tonal sculpting that can be spread across left and right bands creating a stereo image, you can take the ALL summed output or the mix output that allows crossfading between dry/wet and fading and modulating between the left and right bands. The Dry/Wet blend allows you to take a single input and re-balance the dry level to match the wet or even plug in a different sound to fade between processed wet sounds and something else entirely as the dry signal. The inbuilt feedback path is tapped from the mix output meaning any changes to dry/wet blend and the left/right blend control affects the feedback path too.


00:12 Patch Previews

00:57 Features, what is it, verbal run down … stereo imaging, mixed out, feedback paths, second input to the dry/wet etc.

04:01 Sound demo - wave shaping, feedback, input drive and more

09:42 Ambient sound demo, basic shaping over full mixes

10:43 Adding animation, tonal sculpting and modulation over wavetable drones. Here we use different crossfader audio to merge wet affected sounds with different dry sources.

14:02 Shaping noise sources and percussion sounds and synthesis.

16:02 No input FEEDBACK … THIS IS ACE! I got lost in this and performed some music to release I was that excited.

20:52 Using the filter bank to process and influence FX feedback paths. This patch uses the Filter Bank to colour and shape the delay trails in a patch.

22:11 Shaping classic synth tones and synth riffs

23:49 Quick tonal exploration shaping drum beats

24:26 Modulating dry/wet and left/right blend for animated sounds."

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