Saturday, January 12, 2019

Indigo Dusk

Published on Jan 12, 2019 voltlife

"An ambient exploration, mostly self-running, that uses a few tricks to get more interest out of limited sequencing..

Bass swells: AFG alien saws through STG Sea Devils Filter.

HIgh fizzy stereo sweeps: AFG animated pulses through Belgrad in High/Notch mode with Span modulated by a VCLFO. Stereo sweep by WMD Performance Mixer.

Vocoder choir: Fumana, using random speech samples from Radio Music as modulator; carrier is PPG-like wavetables from E352 in Cloud+Morph mode, run through clouds for smearing into quasi-chords. The EF all out from Fumana modulates the speed of an LFO that drives the centre frequency of Fumana, for varying phaser-like sweeps.

Occasional digital synth blips: the other E352 output through Optomix, opened by a Descent envelope. Sequenced by a Moskwa, which could get boring quickly, but Moskwa's clock is driven by a Doepfer A160-5 for varying clock speeds, and the Descent envelopes are triggered by shifting Euclidean rhythms.

Bell/pluck riff: Rings (what else?!) sequenced by Verbos Voltage Multistage through a VCA, with attenuation changing randomly each bar for variety. To make Rings sound marginally less Rings-y, I modulate its frequency with bandpass-filtered noise at varying frequencies, which gives a slightly noisy or warbly edge to the sound. Brightness and Damping modulated every bar for further variation.

Main modulation sources: Doepfer A149-1/2, A143-4, Erica Black Octasource, Triple Sloth.

Mixing and fx: everything into WMD Performance Mixer, with Erebe Verb on Aux 1 and a mix of Demora into Erbe Verb and plain Demora on Aux 2. Erbe Verb's Decay and Demora's feedback are modulated by random gates from A149-2. I use an L-1 Stereo Microcompressor in the final Send/Return, mainly as a limiter to reign in the occasional peak, but I think I'm still getting a bit of clipping, so I need to work on the makeup gain."

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