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Friday, February 15, 2019

Padding with the Delta CEP A

Published on Feb 15, 2019 Jörg Schaaf

"Some 'padding' with the Delta CEP A. Not bad for a "monophonic" synth ;-)
I did two snapshots for that sound. One of them uses only the Bandpass Filter and the other the Bandpass and the lowpass filter at the same time. The second sound also changes the waveform from a Sawtooth to a pulse. But the main sound animation comes from the modulation of the digital stereo multimode filter. The cutoff frequencies are modulated with opposite LFO phases to get this nice stereo animation in the sound.
The Delta CEP A has two different paraphonic modes. One retriggers the envelope everytime a new note message comes in. And the other mode only adds the two additional oscillators per voice without triggering the envelope.
At the end I am adding a little bit EFFEXX stuff to the sound.
Last but not least. In case you don't know this mode in the Delta. The paraphonic mode has 4 voices with two oscillators each. Just enough to create some phat pads with the Delta.

The DELTA CEP A is a new semimodular musicsynthesizer with monophonic and paraphonic playmodes, preset memories and snapshot automation. The DELTA CEP A is the perfect starting point into the EURORACK world and will become available soon as desktop standalone synthesizer and EURORACK module. The DELTA CEP A works just out of the box without any cable patching. If you are looking for a EURORACK FX unit or for POLYPHONY within your cabinet, you should also have a closer look as well. Are you curious about connectivity with your other gear? The DELTA CEP A has a MIDI interface and connects to every MIDI gear (MIDI sequencers, Keyboards etc.) The desktop version comes with standard 1/4 inch jack inputs and outputs."

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