MATRIXSYNTH: Upcoming SP-2400 is Real and It's Not From Behringer?

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Upcoming SP-2400 is Real and It's Not From Behringer?

What is the SP2400 and is it real? Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

It's not an SP-1200 x2 and it is currently working.  Filters on every channel.

Update: Soviet Space Child joked it could be an elaborate April Fools spoof as the images look rendered. It has been a while since we've seen Elhardt. Maybe he's making a comeback like Jexus. :)

Update2: also see the update in the original post here.

via Flux

"What if I told you the SP 2400 is real… its not Behringer and It is going to be build as a proper spiritual successor to the classic sampler many of us have grown to love so dearly. This is no clone, this is something more…"

"So what is speculation and what is fact?

FACTS…..24bit AND 12 bit, Aluminum construction, Classic sound with the Classic workflow. Each pad will play cowbells (if you sample a cowbell to it) its not behringer… it is real, and it IS COMING SOON

How do I know all of this? am I making it all up? did a little birdy tell me? There is still so much we don’t know… how much will it cost? when will it hit shelves? Time will reveal all.

I can tell you… I have heard it… it sounds fantastic. It is going to make many of us very happy… and the corksniffers… so mad. I will be dropping random tid bits about this as they fall out the back of the secret laboratory this is being built in."


This is a follow-up to this post.

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  1. "Filters on every channel."

    This pretty much seals the SP-2400 as a must-buy for me. If every channel has an envelope, the ability to play two or more samples, sample looping, and pitch-shifting for chromatic instrumentation, I'll probably buy two.


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