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Published on Feb 4, 2019 Stephen Coker

Stephen Coker YAMAHA CS60 videos

"Stephen Coker's Live Performance on the Classic YAMAHA CS 60 and, Demonstrates that this Classic Vintage Synthesizer is more then capable of creating all the sonic bliss that the larger CS 80 can.

Plenty of hardware/software Reverb, analog Stereo Chorus and, various other hardware processing and, components are utilized to obtain the classic sound that give depth and sonic weight to the single take.

Over the years, 'v developed various playing techniques and, instrument settings to convey the emotive dynamics and, expression that this Japanese masterpiece can achieve.

The YAMAHA CS 80/CS 60/CS 50 are the most Expressive Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizers, ever developed.

Captured in this video are the Powerful, Emotive Sounds that induce Exciting, vivid worlds of Timeless, Synthetic Landscapes that are unobtainable with any other instrument.

Every note Shimmers with depth in sound that’s beyond magical.

The VCO's in the CS Series are very unique and are capable of the most cutting tones and yet, the genital of textures, due in part by the gain staging and VCA circuits that go far beyond any other in the ability to overdrive the various stages in the signal path.

The EG, Envelope Gates are the very best iv ever encountered, giving the Synthesizer the ability to truly Synthesize Real Instruments which, most other Synth manufactures fall short.

The Horn and Flut Presets really capture the nuance of Brass and, Wind Instruments that will fool even the most experienced Audio Engineer.

I'v Programmed Guitar Patches that are Stunningly Realistic.

The Thing about Playing my CS 60 is that it never gets borring, even though its only a single VCO layer of the larger, CS 80.

The thing is, you can get the same sounds from the CS 60 becauls it contains the exact same Voice cards and, a monophonic channel of the Modulation and After touch so, you get the Expression and Feeling of Dynamical changes through, Volume, Brilliance, Pitch Mod and, VCF Mod.

The Electro-Mechinical Modulation system is one of the very best and gives the instrument a true human touch to conveying the Emotive moments that digital systems will never emulate.

The VCF's are one of the most important aspects of the sound of this instrument. The High pass/ Low pass architecture and, unique
character of the filters, set the CS apart from all others. Combining the two filters together allow for an extremely varied Sound sculpting that always sounds great, no matter where the levers are set.

Classic is a word that comes to mind, when i think of the CS Line.

These Instruments embody everything that the Great Japanese, YAMAHA CORPORATION learned when developing the Mighty GX-1 which were the Largest and most expensive Polyphonic Synthesizers ever created. Less then 15 ever left Japan.

Stevie Wonder used his GX-1 on many of his early albums like, Songs in the Key of Life. Stevie populorized the name "Dream Machine" to the GX-1 that stuck.

I can obtain the sounds that Steive did on songs like Pastime Paradise, on my CS 60 using all the expression circuts including the volume pedal that uses a light sensing op amp and photo-coupler to give a very smooth control over volume. The after touch/ Velocity also uses a light sensing circuit that feels perfect when producing on the instrument.

Keith Emerrsion, and the band ABBA along with the band, Led Zeppelin famously used the GX-1.

After YAMAHA finished the GX-1 project the quickly moved to implementing all that they learned and first, created the CS 50 which was the worlds very first 4 voice analog synth.
Then, the CS 60 came out which, was the very first 8 voice fully programmable poly synth that was available to the public.
Next, they developed the CS 80 which was two layers of the CS 60 with some added things like fully weighted keys, polyphonic aftertouch and, velocity.

The film composer, Vanglies used a single layer of the famous patches on most of his Soundtracks and, that’s why i can recreate everything he did, give or take a few exceptions.

Other Famous artist who have the CS sound all over the Albums are, Michael Jackson who used it on the songs, Human Nature, Thriller and, of course the band Toto used it in the iconic song, Africa.

As you can see, YAMAHA created some of the greatest electronic instruments and have earned their place in history.

I’m extremely happy that i obtained my 1977 CS60 when i did and restored it to where it is today and, i look foreword to restoring many more of these unique and amazing instruments."

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