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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Eurorack ambient groove

Published on Mar 13, 2019 While We Were Sleeping

"🎧 or 🔊 🔊 for stereo image
I was not sure how to title this one, so will just give the long story:
I have been playing the same patch now since Christmas. I just can't stop myself. I have been mostly playing Techno and other fastest paced stuff so needed to slow down to stop myself going crazy and this jam is the result. The patch started as an Ambient piece. The original patch had the Malekko voltage block sequenced from Ableton and I will sone put out that video. After recording the Ableton peace, I changed over to using the Malekko Varigate 8+ to sequence the voltage block and I have not stopped playing the patch since then. Simply changing the attenuation and offset on the Clock/CV in of the voltage block gives me so many parmutation of the pattern. I got about 8 more faster-paced jams recorded so thinking of sticking them on in one long video when I get the time.
The other thing that happened to me is that by some miracle I looked down and noticed my Roland Juno 60 seating under my eurorack and decided it would be nice to actually switch it on.

Would love to know what you think of this track and the patch?

The patch:
The synth lead/bass part of the patch is using a single oscillator (Thomas Henry 555) that is processed by 3 filters and one triple wave folder. It then ends up in two VCAs + envelopes (Hexinverter Galilean Moons) . The Voltage block has each of its steps tuned with pitch and varies other filter and wave folding parameters. The Varigate 8+ is used for sequencing the steps of the Voltage block and trigger the drums. the drums are barely noticeable just to give the patch some movement and a some groove.

The recording:
This was recorded live on Instagram. I had tried to do a YouTube live but unfortunately, that did not work with my iPhone 6 so still looking for a workable solution for YT.

Modules used (synth parts)
Malekko voltage block
Malekko Varigate 8+
Fonitronik Thomas Henry 555 VCO
Toppobrillo Triple WaveFolder
God’s Box ‘Humpback’ Filter
DinSync VCF303 (VCF303)
Serge 1973 VCF, PCB & panel by mCop
Hexinverter Galilean Moons (L Moon and R moon for left and right sides of the module)
mCop eurorack mixer (MXR)

Modules used (Drums)

Hexinverter Mutant Bassdrum & Snare
Audio Damage ADM07 Mad Hatter + Bastl Instruments Skis - for the clicky high hat sounds"

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