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Sunday, March 03, 2019

::vtol:: poise→[d]

::vtol:: poise→[d] from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

"more about -

Poise→[d] is a hybrid installation that uses chemical and physical reactions to control its behaviour and sound synthesis. The installation consists of the main control unit and three balancing robots. The main control unit has three core systems where the reactions occur, with everything analysed by a computer algorithm using cameras.

This project is based on self-organising structures viewed from several different angles. All the three robots are connected to the main control unit and represent through sound and movement one of the three processes that are happening. The first robot is connected to a sound/mechanical process, the second one to a thermodynamic reaction, and the third to a chemical reaction. Taken together, they create a new and more complex system, as they affect each other through the movements of robots and the main algorithm. To a certain extent, this hybrid system consisting of robotised kinetic objects and chemical/physical reactions is symptomatic of pre-biotic chemical evolution. Another important aspect is the use of Belousov-Zhabotinsky’s chemical reaction - owing to its complexity and singularity, fascinating studies were conducted on cybernetics and some scientists were even enthused to create a chemical computing machine. In this project, the reaction is the most important component of the algorithmic process of the entire installation."


- arduino mega
- 2 usb cameras
- 4 channel sound system
- custom electronics
- heating mechanism
- servo-motors
- led lights


- pure data
- max/msp

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