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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Empress FX Zoia Tutorials by Ron Cavagnaro

Published on Apr 23, 2019 Ron Cavagnaro


1. Quickstart - FX Basics // Empress Effects Zoia Tutorial
This video is intended to show the most basic functioning to start off. It is intended for the absolute beginner. There will be more videos that will progress to more deeper functions so please stay tuned!

Intro 0:00
Audio Input 0:55
Audio Output 1:53
Making Connections 2:20
Disconnecting Modules 2:53
Adding FX 3:24
Connecting FX 3:55
Changing Module Parameters 4:28
Erasing Module 4:59
Adding Different FX 5:11
Chaining FX Modules 5:57
Saving/Renaming Presets 7:02
A Few Factory Presets Demo 7:57
2. Quickstart Pt 2 - LFO Basics // Empress FX Zoia Tutorial
This tutorial is how to apply LFO's to the effects modules on the Empress FX Zoia. If this video seems confusing please watch the previous video to learn the more basic settings.

Intro 0:00
Creating Your Own Tremolo w/ Overdrive 0:44
Copying A Module 1:05
Editing A Module 1:27
Adding VCA 1:38
Connecting modules 2:01
Assigning LFO to VCA 2:36
Changing LFO Waveform 3:37
Clearing Modules 4:03
Adding Lowpass Filter 4:14
Adding another LFO 5:44
Deleting Filter Modules 6:37
Adding Aliaser Module 6:46
Connecting LFO to Aliaser 7:22
Adding Bitcrush Module 7:49
Adding Pitchshifter Module 8:28
Adding a few more LFOs 11:13
Short Novation Circuit Demo with Zoia FX 12:13
3. Quickstart pt. 3 - Sequencer Module FX // Empress FX Zoia Tutorial
This tutorial is how to use the sequencer on the empress fx zoia.

Intro 0:00
Adding SV Filters (Lowpass) 0:27
Copy Module 0:49
Filter Frequency 1:30
Adding Sequencer 2:01
Adding LFO For Sequencer Clock 2:53
Sequencing Filters 3:28
Setting up Slew 4:14
Irregular Beat Adding 2nd LFO 5:27
Clock Divider 6:13
Short improvised Function Demo 7:38
4. Sequencer module setup - Midi Clock In (1.01) // Empress FX Zoia Tutorial
This video is a short extension of the previous video (Quickstart Pt. 3 Sequencer) showing that we can now use a midi clock signal (Firmware 1.01) to control the tempo of anything we wire in to the empress FX Zoia! Also I show a function I figured out called "value" which helps you to merge knob twists for multiple modules.
5. Quickstart Pt 4 - Looper Module + Pages // Empress FX Zoia Tutorial
This tutorial is covering the looper module on the Empress FX Zoia. In this video we are going to set up an array of loopers and set it up to self-trigger in one shot mode into a sort of self-performing atmospheric pad.

The synth used in this video is the system 1 promars plugout.

If you just jumped in without seeing the previous videos, this may appear pretty complex or confusing.

Intro 0:00
Setting up first page 1:01
Setting up second page 1:25
Connecting The Modules 2:06
Looper Parameters 3:10
Looper Record 3:36
Copying Loopers (w/ Connection) 4:01
Assigning LFOs to Looper Playback 5:00
Reverse 6:03
Adding and Connecting more LFOs 6:33
Changing Page Caution 7:37
Rerecording over loops 7:59
Improvised Performance Demo 8:20
6. Quickstart Pt 5 - Copy Page and Pushbuttons // Empress FX Zoia Tutorial
This tutorial is how to use the copy page and pushbuttons module. In this video we build a performance looper screen and copy pages to make the setup easy.

Intro 0:00
Creating Main Page 0:48
Looper Page 1:26
Pushbuttons 2:04
Making Connections 3:38
Copy Page 4:32
Copying Pushbuttons To Create Control UI 7:44
UI Page Ambient Looper Functional Demo 9:34
7. Quickstart 6 - Basic Synth // Empress FX Zoia Tutorial
This tutorial is how to make a basic synth on the empress FX Zoia. We also go over how to set up a grid keyboard and a sequencer.
8. Granular Module (1.03) // Empress FX Zoia Tutorial
This tutorial shows how the new granular module works in the latest 1.03 firmware for the Empress FX Zoia. We are using the system 1m promars plugout and deluge to sequence the synth using conditional notes. Also there is kp3+ delay and H9 Space effects running through the system 1m.

Intro 0:00
Granular Module 0:34
Granular Parameters 1:15
Parameters examples 1:56
Rewiring the audio signal 3:11
Extended Improvised Granular Module Demo with LFOs 5:08

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