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Thursday, April 25, 2019

John Bowen Synth Design Solaris OS Update - v1.4.3

Note there are only 5 Solaris synths remaining. via the John Bowen Synth Design forum:

"Released Sun Mar 10, 2019, v1.4.3 OS fixes a few small display things, and adds two new features:

1) Sample Load routine - Instead of loading samples from the System page, as we have done, now the loading is done within the Preset, on Home page 3, parameter named 'SmpPool'. Each preset can now store the sample pool being used. Then, if the user wants to have each preset automatically load the appropriate sample pool when selected, you can set the System page parameter 'LoadSamp' to On, and Save it there as part of the global init file. If this is set to Off, then the user must go to the Home page #3 and press Enter to load the pool. If several presets call up the same pool, the system checks and knows this, so you don't have to load again. Also, it can take quite some time to load the preset in this case. For example, to load the factory Glockenspiel pool takes about 6 seconds.

2) Added a new function, calling it 'Patch Chain'. This appears on Home page #3 as well, in the top row, labeled as 'Patchain'.

Here's the idea - if a Preset has Patch Chain set On, then each of 5 Presets will be loaded into the DSPs, starting with the one farthest away from the selected preset.This means you can have 5 different sounds, one for each DSP, with 2 voices per sound (remember, the 6th DSP is used for the Master FX).

For example, if I have this parameter On for Preset 100, the first preset loaded will be 104, then 103, 102, 101, and lastly 100. That way, Preset 100 is the one that is being displayed on the front panel. However, any edits to any parameter will then go to all 5 Presets. (If you then go to store an edit, it only knows to do that to the current Preset.)

The sequence does not wrap around, i.e., if Preset 125 has Patch Chain On, it can only load 3 of the presets. The selected Preset (the last to load) goes to all remaining DSPs in this case.

How is this useful - with the Sequential 6Trak and Multi-Trak, I could make 2 Unison stacks of 6 different sounds on one key, and you could get some pretty big Unison sounds this way. Another thing I've liked with this is to have the 5 presets similar enough, but with small variances in tuning, cutoff, etc., to give an even more 'analogy' feel or sound. The voices are selected in a 'round robin' mode usually (depending on the Legato and EGReset modes), and so by repeatedly hitting a single key, you can hear each of the 5 DSPs playing 2 voices each per preset.

Obviously, this takes so forethought and planning, and isn't for everyone. Also note - loading 5 DSPs separately takes slightly longer when selecting the Preset.

I hope Solaris owners enjoy these two added features. I am looking forward to more developments in the near future.

-John Bowen"

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