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Sunday, April 07, 2019

Lorre-Mill Double Knot & Keyed Mosstone In-depth Overview / Demos

Published on Aug 26, 2018 Allieway Audio

1. Lorre-Mill Double Knot (in-depth overview / demo)

A couple years too late, the first video of the Double Knot on the internet with any explanation of what the heck is going on! Everything here is improvised and mainly didactic but I hope it at least shows you why I love this thing so much. I haven't even touched the surface of the many tricks I have learned so far!

Let me know what you think :)

EDIT: Just rewatched, and I'm now aware that the time signature at 28:15 was 4/4. I think I may have forgotten how to count at that moment :P"
2. Lorre-Mill Double Knot: Exploring Drones!
DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend using touch-jacks as I do in this video without sufficient understanding of the risks involved in touching something metal that's connected to a power outlet. I do not accept liability if you hurt yourself during reckless use of touch-jacks!

My last video was focused on explaining the double knot's different bits and exploring it's rhythmic possibilities, so I figured my next video on it should show off it's amazing capacities for creating sonic textures at audio rate!

I get a little lost in this video, toward the end - playing with this synth tends to put me in a sort of trance that's a bit hard to escape at times - you get tangled up in the knots I suppose :D

A lot of this video's audio is very dry for explanation purposes, but hopefully the end of the video shows how powerful this synth can be with for drones with some fx processing (I'm using the OTO Bam for reverb, by the way). Also, the audio in this vid is mono to prevent you only hearing the synth through one ear at parts of the demonstration, but you can imagine how crazy the stereo image of the knot's two sides can be at if you mix in stereo!

Leave a comment and tell me what you think, I'm hoping to make a lot more videos now that I've got a less shitty tripod, so I appreciate any feedback! Hope you enjoyed ^_^
3. Lorre-Mill Keyed Mosstone (in-depth overview / demo)
"I'm back again with a new in-depth explanation / video manual / rambleathon, this time about Lorre-Mill's newest synth, the Keyed Mosstone!

I originally intended this video to have a longer demo/screwaround session at the end after all the talking, but I realized after finishing my initial overview that I was actually very close to running late for a date I had later that day - one of the problems with shooting hour-long videos in one take! I'll be making a more extensive jam session video very soon, with MUCH less talking :)

Speaking of problems with hour-long vids, my phone's camera is quite nice but has a frustrating limitation - it can only handle vids of 2gb, and anything longer will cause it to stop recording and start up a new vid, leaving a noticable second-long gap. I'll try to record in several parts in the future to try to avoid getting cut off - for this video, I interspersed the cuts (there are two) with a transcript of the few words missed.

By the way, I did realized after finishing up that I forgot to illustrate the sound of the second random's digital noise when applied to various sound parameters (e.g. wavefolding), which is an important aspect of the synth's sound - I'll make sure to cover this first thing in my next video on the Mosstone!

Also, another minor correction - the gate output in the very bottom left of the synth is actually a trigger (spike) output, not a gate: it just does a quick trigger when you press any (circle) key. Handy for triggering the randoms!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any other questions about this synth, or requests for future videos, especially featuring the knot and mosstone, as they are the best of friends!"

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