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Sunday, April 07, 2019

Modular Synthesis Intro Concepts from Patch & Tweak

Published on Apr 7, 2019 PATCH & TWEAK

Tutorials from Patch & Tweak co-author Chris Meyer of Learning Modular.

"When you first get into sound synthesis, it may seem like people are speaking an alien language, describing it in terms of frequency, amplitude, harmonics, waves, modes, poles, envelopes, modulators, and the such.

But behind those words are some fairly simple concepts: What pitch you playing a sound at? How loud is it? How does that loudness change over the course of a note? How bright or dull does it sound? How can you change that brightness or dullness?

We describe these concepts in the Modular Synthesis section starting on page 12 of Patch & Tweak. But there’s nothing like hearing what they actually sound like, and seeing what we’re actually doing on a modular synthesizer to create those different sound qualities.

Therefore, Patch & Tweak co-author Chris Meyer of Learning Modular has created a set of short beginner-friendly movies that explain these Basic Concepts."

PATCH & TWEAK Basic Concept 1: Pitch and Volume
PATCH & TWEAK Basic Concept 2: Waveforms
PATCH & TWEAK Basic Concept 3: Noise
PATCH & TWEAK Basic Concept 4: Filter Modes
PATCH & TWEAK Basic Concept 5: Filter Slopes
PATCH & TWEAK Basic Concept 6: Filter Resonance
PATCH & TWEAK Basic Concept 7: Waveshaping
PATCH & TWEAK Basic Concept 8: Envelopes
PATCH & TWEAK Basic Concept 9: LFOs
PATCH & TWEAK Basic Concept 10: Random

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