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Saturday, May 25, 2019

(Vermona '14): "Rumba in Blue" (MIDI-Synth)

Published on May 25, 2019 Kris Lennox

"Listen to the sound of that thing. For a straight-up mono tone, the '14 is hard to beat. In this recording I'm playing with a range of tones, from a rave sawtooth sound (i.e 0:51), to something more akin to a Polivoks (2:21 ish). In fact, when the filter is backed off a little, the '14 can sound very similar to the old Polivoks. I'd certainly understand if someone on hearing only the few seconds @ 2:21 thought they were hearing a Polivoks.

This track I wrote in the DAW (as a MIDI file). The '14 keyboard is decoupled, and I'm sending MIDI from the DAW to the '14 (via the mio cable). The MIDI is a straight 127 velocity value; it is simply the filter/settings etc on the '14 giving the sense of dynamic variation (if creating works with huge filter variation, I generally keep velocities within a narrow bandwidth, as certain filter positions can kill notes at lower velocities).

The piece, despite being for monosynth, is written to sound like three parts. Tricky to compose in this manner when harmony is non-existent - but worth the effort.

MIDI files are probably to electronic musicians what sheet music is to Classical players. I like the idea of someone else taking a MIDI file, running it through their own synth/modular, and doing their own thing with it. To me, this is the same as a Classical pianist sitting down and giving their own interpretation of a work.

Of course, electronic musicians will know MIDI files are like gold dust. They are the key.

Rather than holding on to my own MIDI files, I'm happy to sell them on. I'm also happy for others to run any of my MIDI live, release tracks on their own albums, splice the original file and use as they wish etc. If anyone wants the MIDI file for this track, I'm willing to sell it for £25 (paypal). Again, do what you want with it when you have it. The fun is doing your own thing.

PS I'll likely upload quite a few midi-controlled works, as I like the idea of others having access to the files and potentially creating their own versions. That, plus I plan on uploading videos of multiple synths driven simultaneously i.e Matrixbrute/Vermona/Odyssey etc.

Enjoy (the '14 really does have a great tone)

And if interested in the MIDI file, just email me (

All best

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