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Thursday, June 27, 2019

WORNG Electronics Soundstage // 3D stereo mixing + more in Eurorack

Published on Jun 27, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Now this is something I was genuinely very excited for when I first saw it announced. Having used and enjoyed both the LRMSMSLR and Vector Space from WORNG Electronics a new module in itself was excited, but Soundstage ... YES PLEASE, I'll have a bit of that! Morgan from WORNG talks about creating a 3D soundstage based on standard mixing techniques in terms of both stereo placement and frequency placement. It's a very powerful tool from a technical mixing point of a view and very creative one from an artistic approach. It's 21 inputs and 20 analogue filters with CV-able blend and depth control between the dry and wet (filtered "fully deep!") sound and you've also got a stereo VCA (prime target for animation, dynamics or audio rate AM synthesis!) on the output. It's all analogue so it clips pleasantly with a warm saturated clipping and with the finely tuned filters it will do nice musical feedback too. Lots of patches below, skip around and check out the other WORNG Electronics videos below too!

More info, website and manual -

Vector Space -


00:07 patch previews

00:49 What is soundstage? Feature run down

02:16 TECHNO! Patching percussion, bass, synths + FX - creating 3D soundstages and stereo audio.

04:17 Soundstage for a single sound and FX - THIS IS THE BIT TO WATCH if you’re not sure what the Soundstage does.

06:57 Sidechain! Wonky drunk hip hop rhythms with swung drums, FX + synths and using the VCA control to side chain a 3D stereo mix. Gotta love some ModBap & Afrorack action!

08:52 Cleaning up dense mixes/sounds and creating a WALL OF SOUND. Dense drone sounds, AM synthesis + audio rate overtones + the LRMSMSLR for mid / side processing and stereo imagining.

11:39 WEIRD FILTER - using the depth control to blend dry to wet with the 20 analogue filters for phase effects and strange filtering.

14:13 Using soundstage as a stereo front end for further patching to create movement and stereo spaces.

15:46 FEEDBACK - patching feedback (two ways) for musical tuned feedback of analogue saturation of clipping.

Thank you to WORNG Electronics for sponsoring this video. By sponsoring a video they are receiving a service which is a demo video. WORNG's support made this video happen but what I've said, patched and recorded is entirely of my choosing."

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