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Thursday, July 04, 2019

Triaxex Muse driving modular synthesizer.

Published on Jul 4, 2019 otherunicorn

"Messing around with one of the 5 Triadex Muse to synthesizer adapter/converts I have made. The muse is to the left, sitting in front of its case! The converter is to its right. It contains two sections - one that converts the muse output directly to CV for use with 1V/octave synths, and one that allows a user to pick 8 different CVs (frequencies) that are selected by which note the Muse chooses. This allows harmonies, or sequences that are not limited to the 2 octave major scale of the Muse itself, or control of a VCF or VCA.
There are also CV outputs for note-only and octave-only, as well as some inversions, and gate signals, including gate, gate/rest and rest. The CV outputs can be mixed with a root-in CV, and can also be switched to work in a minor scale. The inverted outputs will not reflect the correct scale.
Jumpers on the circuit board allow for some responses to be changed. For example, the four input bits can be inverted, as can the REST output.
Theoretically, this converter can be used to convert the digital outputs of other equipment, if a suitable wiring harness was made, as it is essentially a deluxe CGS Diatonic Converter."

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