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Wednesday, August 07, 2019

itijik Production Club

Supporting MATRIXSYNTH member itijik has announced a new production club through his Patreon site. Details follow:

"The purpose of the itijik Production Club is to help all members constantly improve their sound and music, spark inspiration to release more music, reach individual goals, achieve commercial success if desired by the truly dedicated. Good sht. But sometimes even the most talented can lose the “good sht” in the details. I hope the positive vibe, direction and schedule of the club will also help push through mental and creative blocks for those struggling in some way. I’ll be providing samples, tools, stems, and presets to play/work with each month, and eventually I will be streaming production live with chat and Q&A!

There’s monthly song challenges in what I’m calling The Chop Shop. This is a monthly showcase and promotion of club member’s work. They also serve as a way to practice and share new song and production ideas. No doubt this community will be supportive of each other, give constructive feedback, share samples and get some collaborations going.

Here’s how the Chop Shop works:
itijik and other members will add any of their own royalty free samples they want for that month’s sample pool. These can be anything from a professionally recorded bass line, to a dog fart recorded on your phone. These will be made available to all members without any strings attached, and your output will be fully owned by you. No worry of sample clearance or ownership getting in the way, if you happen to make a masterpiece in the process.

Participating members will then have a month to work on a piece of music using ONLY the samples taken from the pool. This could be very challenging, depending on the sample pool. Anyone looking for improvement in music production should see this as a huge opportunity to showcase yourself and your ideas, learn new techniques and tools, keep your production schedule moving and inspired, and a way to network with similarly motivated creatives. Some dope collaborations and projects are inevitable!

I will share some of my favorites on IG and other social media channels at the end of each month for member promotion.

All music production materials are free to use in commercial projects or otherwise with no royalties expected. However, wouldn’t it be cool if some chose to include a credit and/or small percentage of releases to members submitting material they connect with? This could develop working relationships for potential collaborations or deals in the future! Try to give more value without expectations and see what happens to the vibe.

One of The Values and Differences of the club will be the maximum member count. It’s limited to 1000 people at anytime and will NEVER be increased.

The exclusivity of monthly production materials is special. With some of those sample subscription services you are sharing that pool of samples with MILLIONS of people. They’re all using the same samples, and the majority are probably using the good stuff pretty open in their works. No wonder loads of music released now just fades into the background, they all sound the same! Let’s not just blame the samples though. There’s more that goes into production than just good samples. And this club/collective is more than just an exclusive version of those sample subscriptions.

We are focused on technique, improvement and vibe; Creating and innovating our own voices in music and sound. This smaller group allows for focused attention to get heard in context of your own skill level and progress. Everyone benefits from a tighter network of people with similar goals. It forms an actual community rather than a sea of unknowns with unknown intentions. A meeting place to explore your musical ideas and have some context to chat about them.

The Price is low for good reason. Minimum club dues is $5 per person, per month. This makes the club more accessible, but it still shows a level of commitment to your craft and drive by investing in yourself. There aren’t multiple levels of membership, $5 and you’re in with us! You have the option to pledge more than the minimum, but there is no additional benefit offered other than my gratitude. The minimum from you and other members will afford me the time to operate the club and create production materials for it.

Let’s make more music with Worry Free, Royalty Free Licencing. All production materials will be released throughout the month, but licenses will cover the lot of that month’s material. When you pay your dues for the month, you are licensed to use them as you like in commercial projects or otherwise, as long as they aren’t used in isolation or re-distributed in any way.

The Production Material License covers each member’s collection of monthly lots of audio samples, presets, stems, DAW project files or any other music production material files provided by itijik and other members. Other members can voluntarily contribute their own royalty free content and materials to be featured in club events including the Chop Shop. All of the production material will be licensed royalty free to all members that have paid the dues for the month they are released, which is limited to 1000 licensees per month of material. It is the full responsibility of contributors to submit only royalty free material.

There’s a few Bonuses available to you right now when you sign up!
If you know someone that belongs in this club, get them in now! As long as the total member count is below 1000, each current member gets one referral per month. If you get a friend to sign up I’ll give a month of dues back to you.
If you have purchased any of my sample packs in the past, I will give a month of club dues back to you when you sign up.
The collection of itijik sample packs are also included when you sign up within the month of August 2019! 'Brutal Kicks', 'Brutal Snares' and 'Toy Piano' are all included for your use. "

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