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Saturday, August 31, 2019

NOVATION PEAK - Unboxing, Overview & Sounds - Synth Demo

Published on Aug 31, 2019 synth4ever

"Novation Peak unboxing, overview/review and sounds & patches. This Novation Peak demo covers various features of the Novation Peak synth, sound design possibilities and a few patches and presets.

The Novation Peak is an 8-voice polyphonic digital/analog hybrid synthesizer featuring digital oscillators + analog filters and VCAs. The Novation Peak's "New Oxford" FPGA-based oscillators run at 24 MHz to avoid typical sample rate limitations of sample and DSP oscillator designs.

The Novation Peak features 3 oscillators (each with sine, triangle, sawtooth and pulse waveforms) and 43 wavetables. Each oscillator also can be have sync or linear FM, and there is a ring modulator and noise as well.

There are 3 envelopes and 4 LFOs on the Peak. The LFOs have triangle, sawtooth, square and Sample & Hold waveforms. The resonant filter is a multimode OTA design with lowpass, bandpass and highpass settings and can be 12dB or 24dB slope. It also features pre and post filter drive amounts.

The Novation Peak effects section contains analog distortion, 3 types of chorus, delay and 3 types of reverb. All effects can also be modulated in a 4-slot FX mod matrix and configured in parallel or serial routing signal chains. There is also a traditional modulation matrix with 16 slots, each slot having 2 sources per destination.

In addition, the Novation Peak has an arpeggiator with 7 modes, 33 patterns, and adjustable gate length. The Peak also includes various functions such as drift, diverge, unison mode, unison detune, Animate buttons to enable temporary sound changes, and more.

The Novation Peak is a powerful and versatile digital/analog hybrid synth for the modern era with great effects and modulation capabilities. It excels at not only traditional analog sounds, but also vast ambient soundscapes, cutting leads, powerful basses, textures and sound effects. The Peak is a fantastic instrument for those who enjoy experimentation and bread n' butter sounds, and fuses digital and analog technology into a single powerful synth.



0:00 Arp Jam

0:31 Unboxing

2:17 A Few Presets

04:18 Overview
04:45 Oscillators
05:16 Waveshaping
06:49 Footages
07:05 Pitch Mod
07:44 LFO 1/2
08:20 Wavetables
09:33 Ring Mod
09:58 Noise
11:05 Filter
13:13 Overdrive
13:36 Arpeggiator
15:25 Distortion
15:58 Chorus
17:25 Delay
18:53 Reverb
22:41 Drift/Diverge
23:06 Envelope Loop
23:38 LFO 3/4
24:11 FX Mod/Routing
24:41 Unison
25:25 Mod Matrix
25:43 Animate

26:23 Conclusion"

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